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19 Brackets Alternatives

Brackets is a reliable code generator and HTML editor which offers an opportunity for developers to work with projects in

19 Geany Alternatives

Geany is an extensive project that provides a lightweight Integrated Development Environment for the developer with the support of popular

19 GNU Emacs Alternatives

GNU Emacs is a straightforward and customizable editor that can handle text and HTML or source code with a wide

19 Aptana Studio Alternatives

Aptana Studio is a comprehensive and feature-rich application to help programmers for building web apps with preset tags and commands.

19 Kate Alternatives

Kate is an intuitive text editor that features support for syntax highlighting and scripts, a wide range of programming languages,

19 Coda Alternatives

Coda is a straightforward web development utility that comes with various tools to design, test, and build your projects in

19 TextMate Alternatives

TextMate is a reliable Mac OS X text editor that is designed to writing code and markup and offers support

19 PSPad Alternatives

PSPad is a powerful code and text editor which features HTML previewing, syntax highlighting, and an FTP client in an

19 TextMate 2.0 Alternatives

With an extensive keyboard-friendly graphic user interface, TextMate 2.0 is a cheaper Sublime Text alternative that is only available on

19 UltraEdit Alternatives

As compared to Sublime Text, UltraEdit is available on all three major platforms with features making it second to none

19 Light Table Alternatives

Light Table is labelled as the next-generation source code editor by some experts in the industry all thanks to its

19 Vim Alternatives

Are you tired of using your mouse to do all the tasks such as opening a file, closing, editing, saving

19 Notepad++ Alternatives

Notepad++ uses MS Windows environment to make coding easy for those who are new to programming and aren’t familiar with

19 BBEdit 13 Alternatives

With the support to highlight syntax for a large number of popular computer languages including ANSI C, C++, CSS, Perl,

19 Spacemacs Alternatives

Spacemacs is one of the most flexible source code editor available today which is based on GNU Emacs to provide

19 Atom Alternatives

If you are looking for a code editor with highly customizable features and you can download it from the internet