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11 Plexuss Alternatives

Plexuss is a web-based award-winning website powered by Rachel that lets users avail latest educational opportunities according to their requirements.


11 Sites Like WebTorrent

WebTorrent is a simple yet powerful torrent client specially designed for the web that allows you to stream and play

8 Sites Like Browserosaurus

Browserosaurus is an online website created by Will Stone that lets users browse Prompter for macOS and works by setting

9 Traction Technology Alternatives

Traction Technology is an Innovation Management Platform enabling users to discover, assess, and apply new technologies quickly. Traction provides tools

9 Innosabi Insight  Alternatives

Innosabi Insight is an Innovation Intelligence Solution that enables users to anticipate new trends and competitors’ tactics. You can get

9 Q-scout Alternatives

Q-scout is an Innovation Management Platform that enables businesses to uncover endless growth opportunities and possibilities. Using it, you can

9 NetBase Quid Alternatives

NetBase Quid is a Social Analytics and Market Intelligence Platform founded by Michael Osofsky in 2004 that provides real-time knowledge

9 Ezassi  Alternatives

Ezassi is an Innovation Management Platform founded by Peter Von Dyck in 2008 that enables teams and technology companies in

9 Statzon Alternatives

Statzon is the Fastest Innovation Management and Market Intelligence Platform founded by Kimmo Kuokkanen in 2018 that enables users to

9 Inteum  Alternatives

Inteum is an Intellectual Property and Technology Management Platform founded by Robert Sloman in 1992 that enables users to boost

9 Cloudscene Alternatives

Cloudscene is a Data-Driven Marketplace founded by Bevan Slattery in 2016 that enables users to assist you in choosing the

9 ITONICS Innovation Alternatives

ITONICS Innovation is an Innovation and Technology Management Software founded by Michael Durst in 2009 to assist enterprises in advancing

34 Sites Like ICanHazChat

ICanHazChat is a website that allows users to create their own group video chats for any purpose, such as a

10 UltimateVizion Alternatives

UltimateVizion is an online web-based platform and a powerful camera application that lets users create pictures on and off the

13 ElevenLabs Alternatives

ElevenLabs is a Text-to-Speech and Voice Cloning Platform founded by Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski in 2022 that enables users

10 LeafletDesktop  Alternatives

LeafletDesktop is an open-source Mappin Tool created by Peter Burk to bring interactive mapping capabilities to desktop environments. The Platform

10 Earth 3D Alternatives

Earth 3D is a Wallpaper and Screen Saver platform developed by 3Planesoft that allows users to explore our globe’s geography,

10 Living Earth Alternatives

Living Earth is a versatile Clock and Weather App developed by Radiantlabs LLC that seamlessly combines real-time weather updates with

10 EarthView Alternatives

EarthView is a Weather Forecasting Platform, Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper, and an engaging program founded by DeskSoft that uses gorgeous, constantly

10 TerraTime Alternatives

TerraTime is a Weather Forecasting Tool that lets users view animated maps and globes showing day and night, clouds, seasons,