20 Hiew Alternatives

Hiew is a Console Hex Editor for Windows developed by Eugene Suslikov. It lets users view files in disassembly, hex, and text modes. The application is handy for working with


15 Mitmproxy Alternatives

Mitmproxy is an open-source HTTPS proxy platform that provides TLS capability to intercept traffic for software developers and penetration testers. It is a versatile tool for tasks such as debugging,


11 Sites Like SerpClix

SerpClix is an online tool that allow users to improve SEO ranking of their websites by using multiple ways provided this tool. Users can easily create their account on this platform and can add their website URL to increase


11 Sites Like Dropover

Dropover is an application designed for IOS devices to add a drag-and-drop feature to their operating system. It helps in improving Mac usage, and it also allows people to enhance


8 Pulp Alternatives

  Pulp is a Software Repository Management Platform that enables users to fetch, upload, arrange, and disseminate software packages. You can use Pulp to manage all of the plugins you


17 Sites Like PaperMC

PaperMC is a popular and leading software that allow users to improve their Minecraft ecosystem in multiple ways. It enables with secure system that makes easier for user to expand their multiple operations related to their Minecraft servers.


9 Litematica Alternatives

Litematica is a Client-Side Schematic Mod for Minecraft that provides a ton of extra features, primarily for creative mode, such as cloning, schematic pasting, moving, filling, and deleting. The platform

One Page

10 Sites Like One Page

One Page is an advance website building tool that allow people to design their websites in an advance manner. People can maintain their websites by using multiple features and people can improve their website interface by using it. It helps in


12 Sites Like Optibase

Optibase is a testing platform which applies a/b testing on webpages to analyze the performance of multiple webpages at one time. It helps in optimizing the performance of websites by applying multiple tests on it. It is a

Impulse - Brain Training

12 Sites Like Impulse - Brain Training

Impulse – Brain Training is a brain training application that is designed for people of all ages. It enables multiple games and tasks, which help people improve their thinking process or


14 Sites Like OKsms

OKsms is an online service provider that allows users to get numbers from multiple countries for different uses. Users can purchase numbers online along with all the details with them.

Vim (Vi IMproved)

20 Vim (Vi IMproved) Alternatives

Vim (Vi IMproved) is a Text Editor Tool that is designed to make editing and generating any text quick and easy. With Apple OS X and most UNIX platforms, it


20 VSCodium Alternatives

VSCodium is a community-driven, open-source binary distribution of Microsoft’s VS Code editor. With the help of unique build scripts included in this project, you can clone Microsoft’s VS Code repository,


16 Git Alternatives

Git is an open-source Version Control System initially founded by Linus Torvalds in 2005 that enables users to manage any size project, from little to very large, quickly and effectively.


15 Sites Like Nerdytips

Nerdytips is an AI-based platform that is specially designed for users to get the latest predictions about football online. It uses multiple aspects to give one prediction, as it takes help from previous data along with


9 Maltego Alternatives

Maltego is a popular cyber investigation platform that is used by professionals and organizations in their multiple cyber operations. It is a popular platform that is trusted by various other professional organizations like


8 Umbrel Alternatives

Umbrel is a leading platform that allows people to run their Bitcoin and network nodes by using their multiple open-source features. It comes up with a user-friendly interface that allows users to understand all the operations easily


7 Sandstorm Alternatives

Sandstorm is a popular platform that allows users to self-host multiple categories of applications. It comes up with various functionalities that improve the user’s working efficiency. It provides its rocket

OSINT tool

9 OSINT tool Alternatives

OSINT tool is an online platform that focuses on collecting information by using free tools or resources. They collect data from multiple sources like social media, forms, websites, records, and from many other sources. They


9 OSINTBuddy Alternatives

OSINTBuddy is a collection of tools that helps users simplify their open-source investigations in multiple ways. It allows users to add various plugins at one time, and it is one


9 SpiderFoot Alternatives

SpiderFoot is an OSNIT tool that makes it easier for professionals and organizations to collect data during their investigation. It allows users to gather information in multiple ways, and users can merge all the