One Way Road Firehunt

10 Games Like One Way Road: Firehunt

One Way Road: Firehunt is an action-adventure, arcade, combat, and indie video game Shabunov Leonid owns. This game is set in the near future, where the fate of mankind is


8 Games Like Umbraclaw

Umbraclaw is an action and adventure video game developed by INTI CREATES CO., LTD. The story revolves around Koun, a housecat. According to the storyline, the character dies in the

Akatori Сhapter One

15 Games Like Akatori: Сhapter One

Akatori: Сhapter One is an action-adventure video game developed by Code Wakers. This game takes place in the divine realm of kohakujo and the story revolves around Mako. In this


10 Games Like Zoonomaly

Zoonomaly is an action-adventure, puzzle, indie, and survival video game developed by LIGHTS ARE OFF LLC. This game takes place in a zoo which is infested by monsters. In this

The Rogue Prince of Persia

15 Games Like The Rogue Prince of Persia

The Rogue Prince of Persia is an action-adventure and roguelike video game owned by Evil Empire. In this game, the player has to be a hero. Throughout this game, the


11 Games Like ASKA

ASKA is an action-adventure, building, simulation, and strategy video game developed by Sand Sailor Studio. In this game, the player has to build a self-sustaining Viking tribe. Throughout this game,


9 Games Like EZ2ON REBOOT: R

EZ2ON REBOOT: R is an action, anime, arcade, and sports video game owned by Neonovice Co., Ltd., SQUARE PIXELS. In this game, the player has to play the role of

Chained Together

14 Games Like Chained Together

Chained Together is an action-adventure, simulation, and puzzle video game developed by Anegar Games. This game is set in hell, where the player is trapped. The player’s objective throughout this


17 Games Like Kristala

Kristala is an action-adventure, combat, and role-playing game developed by Astral Clocktower Studios. This game takes place in Kristala which is a dark fantasy game world. In this game, the

Dragon Is Dead

15 Games Like Dragon Is Dead

Dragon Is Dead is an action, arcade, and role-playing video game developed by TeamSuneat. The story is that Guernian, the leader of Dragon, became evil and started corrupting the world.

Sneak Out

12 Games Like Sneak Out

Sneak Out is an action-adventure, survival, indie, and strategy video game owned by Kinguin Studios. In this game, the player can serve as a ghost, hunter, and hider. This game

Magical Bakery

10 Games Like Magical Bakery

Magical Bakery is an action, indie, and management video game owned by SUPERLUMEN. This game takes place in a flour-filled magical world in an enchanted bakery. In this game, the

Shop Titans

14 Games Like Shop Titans

Shop Titans is an action-adventure, Simulation, role-playing, and business video game developed by Kabam Games. This game takes place in a bustling city where the player has to play the


15 Games Like ANIMAL WELL

ANIMAL WELL is an action-adventure, indie, and puzzle video game developed by Billy Basso. This game takes place in a haunted world of Animal Well, where the player has to


13 Games Like Greedland

Greedland is a Rouge-like action combat game. In a top-down gameplay, you get a blasting slaughter of mutant aliens. Your objective is to survive until the last wave of mutant

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11 Games Like Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds is an upcoming action-hunting game  Where you take on the role of a hunter who traces the path of giant monsters. After you find them, you need

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10 Games Like Dread Delusion

Dread Delusion is an RPG action game. In an open world, you need to explore and find mysteries and hidden secrets around the map to figure out all the mysteries

Goat Gone Wild Sim 2

9 Games Like Goat Gone Wild Sim 2

Goat Gone Wild Sim 2 is an action-adventure and simulation video game owned by DevelopmentSquared. It takes place in a crowded city loaded with more dynamite. The story of the

Goat Sim

9 Games Like Goat Sim

Goat Sim is an action, indie, arcade, and simulation video game developed by Coffee Stain Studios. In this game, the player has to step into the shoes of a goat.