16 PartKeepr Alternatives

PartKeepr is an Open Source Inventory Management Platform that lets you quickly look for a wide range of fields no matter how many components you have. You can insert as


15 ProjectPro Alternatives

ProjectPro is a Project Management Platform that enables users to expedite their work by utilizing pre-made projects in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data engineering. Users can obtain


11 SendPulse Alternatives

SendPulse, a Marketing Channel Automation Platform founded in 2015, enables users to boost their online presence with powerful yet crucial tools. This platform can manage your free lead generation, audience


11 FounderPass Alternatives

FounderPass is a Startup Discounts Platform founded in 2021 that enables users to discover the best membership explicitly designed for startups, businesses, and owners. You can exclusive deals with leading

Kamaeru A Frog Refuge

15 Kamaeru A Frog Refuge

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is a cooking, simulation, management, and building video game developed by Humble Reeds. In this game, the player has to be a kind soul. During the


11 Rainway Alternatives

Rainway is a popular video game service that is designed for laptops, smart phones, and tablets to manage all the games under one platform. Users can install multiple games on

cloudbeds (1)

12 Cloudbeds Alternatives

Cloudbeds is an award-winning platform that is specially generated for the people who run their multiple businesses related to hospitality. It allows owners to manage all the operations of their


15 Games Like Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster Inc. is a simulation, building, and management video game developed by Super Sly Fox. In this game, the player has to manage his movie studio, make his name in

Fantastic Haven Prologue

12 Games Like Fantastic Haven: Prologue

Fantastic Haven: Prologue is a simulation, building, and management video game owned by Piece of Cake Fabulous. This game takes place in a world where magic is disappearing due to

Magical Bakery

10 Games Like Magical Bakery

Magical Bakery is an action, indie, and management video game owned by SUPERLUMEN. This game takes place in a flour-filled magical world in an enchanted bakery. In this game, the


10 Sites Like ThrottleStop

ThrottleStop is a small monitoring application that allows the user to optimize the performance of their laptop computers by focusing on multiple factors. It focuses on multiple factors that are making


11 Sites Like Dropover

Dropover is an application designed for IOS devices to add a drag-and-drop feature to their operating system. It helps in improving Mac usage, and it also allows people to enhance


12 Sites Like FolderMill

FolderMill is a software that allow users to manage their files and documents to print them through printer in specific queues. It works in very advance way that it watches


11 Sites Like SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer is a popular free software which allow people to use their disk space in an optimized manner. It allows people to manage their free space according to their needs. it comes up with multiple functions which makes


15 Games Like Fabledom

Fabledom is a strategy, management, and building video game developed by Grenaa Games. This game is set in a wholesome and strange fairytale world where you have to serve as

Roller Coaster Life Theme Park

10 Games Like Roller Coaster Life Theme Park

Roller Coaster Life Theme Park is a simulation and management video game developed by Sparkling Society- Park Building & Island Village. In this game, the player has to become the


12 Sites Like Optibase

Optibase is a testing platform which applies a/b testing on webpages to analyze the performance of multiple webpages at one time. It helps in optimizing the performance of websites by applying multiple tests on it. It is a

Solid Planner

11 Sites Like Solid Planner

Solid Planner is an application that allows people to manage their whole day by dividing their time for multiple operations. It enables a timer and many other features to make


20 Sites Like Onigiri

Onigiri is an online service provider that helps freelancers solve their multiple payment issues. It allows people to easily get paid by their clients with a smart invoicing process. Users


11 FrontPay Alternatives

FrontPay is an online payment gateway in Pakistan that allows users to send and receive payments internationally according to their requirements. This platform offers multiple local and international payment support,


15 Games Like Timberborn

Timberborn is a building, strategy, survival, management, and indie video game developed by Mechsnistry. The storyline is that human beings have destroyed the colony’s greenery by populating the environment and