8 Light Table Alternatives

    Light Table is labelled as the next-generation source code editor by some experts in the industry all thanks to its intuitive features and user-friendly interface. You just have to write a few alphabets of a code and everything else is done by Light table as it offers an auto-complete feature which will search for similar code line from all your recent projects. Your productivity will be doubled when you get instant feedback as you add a new code line to your file.

    The split view is always there for your rescue whenever you have a little doubt that you have made a mistake in your recent project so you can view it in a side-by-side window to correct it on the go. From graphs to games, you can add whatever you want to your project and it will only make things easy as compared to a similar source code editor. Shape the IDE to make it compatible with your project and then revert all the changes with a few commands.


    • Manage plugins using the built-in plugin manager
    • Run the code as you write it
    • Free to download and cross-platform editor
    • Lightweight, fast, and flexible code editor

    Best Alternatives to Light Table

    1. Sublime Text

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    All the intuitive features of Sublime Text make it one of the best source code editor available in the market today. But the Search for the best Sublime Text alternative continues as it is a paid software and you need to purchase the premium version whenever the license expires to keep using it. It is kind of

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    • 2. Notepad++

      Notepad++ uses MS Windows environment to make coding easy for those who are new to programming and aren’t familiar with the UI of code editors. You can directly print a code on the paper to share it with your teammates who don’t have access to their computers. The notepad++ dark theme lets you write new code or edit

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      • 3. Atom

        If you are looking for a code editor with highly customizable features and you can download it from the internet without paying a single penny? Atom is the best choice you have as it comes up with more than 50 different open source packages to choose from. Find the desired text in the code file and replace

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        • 4. BBEdit 13

          With the support to highlight syntax for a large number of popular computer languages including ANSI C, C++, CSS, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML, YAML, etc. BBEdit 13 is the best alternative to Sublime Text. When you write a keyword on the search bar, it shows all the files, scripts, and projects in your database to

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          • 5. Vim

            Are you tired of using your mouse to do all the tasks such as opening a file, closing, editing, saving a file, etc. and looking for an alternative to your current code editor? Vim is the best choice you have as it offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts to accomplish all these tasks by tapping a few

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            • 6. Spacemacs

              Spacemacs is one of the most flexible source code editor available today which is based on GNU Emacs to provide you with both graphical and command-line user interface at the same time. File management is just out of the box as you don’t have to do anything by yourself. The syntax highlight features are enabled all the

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              • 7. UltraEdit

                As compared to Sublime Text, UltraEdit is available on all three major platforms with features making it second to none in its league. There is a lot of built-in themes to change the color and appearance as well as you can get more theme from other programmers in the community. The robust search engine will scan all

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                • 8. TextMate 2.0

                  With an extensive keyboard-friendly graphic user interface, TextMate 2.0 is a cheaper Sublime Text alternative that is only available on Mac OS for now. You can change the color and font style of the text to make it look good to you as it will be the only thing you will look at for quite some time

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