Sites like Github

Github makes it effortless for users to safely publish as well as consumes packages within their organization or even with the entire world. Github Package Registry is a magnificent platform that claims to bring your packages at home along with their codes.

It’s a magnificent platform where millions of companies, students, and professionals build, maintain, and shop their software. Github is one of the largest, highly trusted, and advanced development platforms in the world. You can use actions to automatically publish all the unique and new package versions to Github Packages.

Using the same GITHUB_TOKEN for all the automated package downloads and uploads through actions. Users can run your CD or CI with actions and install packages along with images over it or your preferred registry of record. Github contains simply a Pay-as-you-go scenario but is not available for private repos in legacy per-repository plans.


  • Easy and simplified publishing
  • Trusted sources
  • Speed and security
  • Code to cloud automation
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Trigger package installs

Sites like Github