8 Rudder Alternatives

Rudder is an IT Automation Platform that enables users to use robust automation software to manage their specifics while configuring, patching, and securing with ease. Using it, you can automate


13 NetLimiter Alternatives

NetLimiter is a Network, Internet, Statistics and Security Tool that enables users to control the amount of bandwidth allotted to each application, monitor data entering and leaving their computers in


8 Uyuni Alternatives

Uyuni is a Configuration and Infrastructure Management Application that enables users to deploy patches and packages based on software channels and repositories you can designate using automated patch and package

SUSE Manager

8 SUSE Manager Alternatives

SUSE Manager is an Infrastructure Management Platform that enables users to streamline and safeguard their whole mixed Linux environment. It assists in securing all aspects of your mixed Linux setups,

Fleet Commander

8 Fleet Commander Alternatives

Fleet Commander is a Configuration Management Platform that enables users to manage and deploy desktop profiles across large networks using FreeIPA or Active Directory. The Fleet Commander Admin is a

Red Hat Satelli

8 Red Hat Satelli Alternatives

Red Hat Satelli is an Infrastructure Management Platform that enables users to manage their configurations, provisioning, software, and subscriptions from a single console. It also enables users to maintain Red


8 Foreman Alternatives

Foreman is a Server and Lifecycle Management Platform founded by Paul Kelly and Ohad Levy. It enables users to swiftly install apps, manage servers proactively, and automate tedious activities on-premises

Vesta Control Panel

13 Vesta Control Panel Alternatives

Vesta Control Panel is a Hosting Control Panel that offers a user-friendly control panel that makes managing websites, DNS, mail, backups, and other things possible. Vesta employs the most recent


13 HestiaCP Alternatives

HestiaCP is a Web Server Control Panel that enables users to access the control panel with only one command. You only need to click a button and fill out a


13 Plesk Alternatives

Plesk is a Hosting Control Panel and a commercial web hosting and server data centre automation program designed for retail hosting providers that use Windows and Linux. You can create


13 Virtualmin Alternatives

Virtualmin is a Web Hosting Platform that allows you to establish and manage many domains, automate activities, and streamline processes. It is the most advanced and popular web hosting control


13 aaPanel Alternatives

aaPanel is an open-source Hosting Control Panel that assists customers in cutting down on deployment time so they can concentrate on their projects. It allows for the one-click installation of


13 Sentora Alternatives

Sentora is a Web Hosting Platform that makes it simple for your clients to swiftly and efficiently manage their web hosting. Sentora, created by the original team and built on


13 Froxlor Alternatives

Froxlor is a Server Management Panel developed by experienced server administrators; this open-source (GPL) interface makes it easier to manage your hosting platform. It provides significant enhancements, which include updated


13 ServerPilot Alternatives

ServerPilot is a PHP and WordPress Hosting Platform that makes it simple to host PHP websites on cloud platforms such as DigitalOcean. You can establish a server at DigitalOcean and

Proxmox Virtual Environment

13 Proxmox Virtual Environment Alternatives

Proxmox Virtual Environment is a Server Management and Virtualization Platform founded in 2008 that enables users to easily manage virtual machines and containers, high availability for clusters, and integrated disaster

Tenta Browser

11 Sites Like Tenta Browser

Tenta Browser is a web browser that is now owned by Avast’s secure browser system. It is a popular company that is famous due to its multiple other services like


13 Webmin Alternatives

Webmin is a Server Management Control Panel written in Perl that enables users to manage open-source applications. Webmin is a web-based system administration solution for Unix-like servers and services that

Cockpit Project

13 Cockpit Project Alternatives

Cockpit Project is a Server Admin Interface Platform that runs in a genuine Linux session in a browser and communicates directly with the operating system. Cockpit is a lightweight and


13 Ajenti Alternatives

Ajenti is a Modular Server Admin Panel for BSD and Linux that offers an improved architecture and a new user interface. It’s an administrator’s tool for a more refined era.


13 Ispmanager Alternatives

Ispmanager is a Hosting Control Panel that enables users to host and manage web pages on the server. It provides website administration, sets up a web server on the website,