8 Landscape Alternatives

Landscape is a System Management Tool that enables users to automate security patching, auditing, access control, and compliance duties. It can be used in air-gapped or well-connected areas, such as


8 Rudder Alternatives

Rudder is an IT Automation Platform that enables users to use robust automation software to manage their specifics while configuring, patching, and securing with ease. Using it, you can automate


10 DeskPins Alternatives

DeskPins is an open-source Desktop Organization Platform that enables users to maintain an application at the topmost, meaning it will remain visible above all other windows. You can select any


8 Uyuni Alternatives

Uyuni is a Configuration and Infrastructure Management Application that enables users to deploy patches and packages based on software channels and repositories you can designate using automated patch and package

SUSE Manager

8 SUSE Manager Alternatives

SUSE Manager is an Infrastructure Management Platform that enables users to streamline and safeguard their whole mixed Linux environment. It assists in securing all aspects of your mixed Linux setups,

Fleet Commander

8 Fleet Commander Alternatives

Fleet Commander is a Configuration Management Platform that enables users to manage and deploy desktop profiles across large networks using FreeIPA or Active Directory. The Fleet Commander Admin is a

Red Hat Satelli

8 Red Hat Satelli Alternatives

Red Hat Satelli is an Infrastructure Management Platform that enables users to manage their configurations, provisioning, software, and subscriptions from a single console. It also enables users to maintain Red


8 Foreman Alternatives

Foreman is a Server and Lifecycle Management Platform founded by Paul Kelly and Ohad Levy. It enables users to swiftly install apps, manage servers proactively, and automate tedious activities on-premises


8 SpaceWalk Alternatives

SpaceWalk is a Free and Open Source Linux Management System that enables users to control software content updates for Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, and other Red Hat-derived distributions. By using


17 ActivityWatch Alternatives

ActivityWatch is an Open-source Time Tracker Platform that enables you to keep track of your device usage automatically. It can be used to monitor your output, the amount of time

Vim (Vi IMproved)

20 Vim (Vi IMproved) Alternatives

Vim (Vi IMproved) is a Text Editor Tool that is designed to make editing and generating any text quick and easy. With Apple OS X and most UNIX platforms, it


20 VSCodium Alternatives

VSCodium is a community-driven, open-source binary distribution of Microsoft’s VS Code editor. With the help of unique build scripts included in this project, you can clone Microsoft’s VS Code repository,


12 BleachBit Alternatives

BleachBit is a Disk Space Cleaner and Privacy Manager founded in 2008 that enables users to swiftly clear disk space when their machine is about to fill up. You can


16 Git Alternatives

Git is an open-source Version Control System initially founded by Linus Torvalds in 2005 that enables users to manage any size project, from little to very large, quickly and effectively.


19 Transmission Alternatives

Transmission is a Free Bit Torrent Client that enables users to post their files and download data from several peers on the Internet quickly. Transmission is free software released under

Boot Camp

13 Boot Camp Alternatives

Boot Camp is a Multi Boot Tool founded in 2007 that assists users in installing Microsoft Windows operating systems on Macintosh computers with Intel processors. The tool helps users install

CleanMyMac X

12 CleanMyMac X Alternatives

CleanMyMac X is a Powerful Mac Cleaner Platform that enables users to tweak their Mac for optimal speed by removing malware, unused applications, and system clutter. You can use it


8 Umbrel Alternatives

Umbrel is a leading platform that allows people to run their Bitcoin and network nodes by using their multiple open-source features. It comes up with a user-friendly interface that allows users to understand all the operations easily


7 Sandstorm Alternatives

Sandstorm is a popular platform that allows users to self-host multiple categories of applications. It comes up with various functionalities that improve the user’s working efficiency. It provides its rocket


6 HomelabOS Alternatives

HomelabOS is an offline secure data protection cloud system that allows users to store more than 100 applications of multiple categories at one time. It provides various services related to cloud systems, and it is


6 CasaOS Alternatives

CasaOS is a cloud operating system that comes up with exclusive themes and icons to make screens attractive and responsive for users. It is a trusted operating system that is