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    Are you a fan of the video game? And wants to play more games like this, then there is a collection of games you love. Android and iOS platforms support the game, and you can play on the browser. Simply providing your nickname, you can get access to the world where you encounter lots of big and small snakes controlled by other players from different countries.

    Avoid hitting other snakes and survive as long as possible to perform your best. The game offers a similar feeling like with an exciting touch of snakes. Consume orbs and boost your speed while decreasing your mass. Want to check out this game?

    If you are addicted to and are searching for some games which offer similar gameplay to it, then there are some games that you like. is a puzzle game played on different platforms like AndroidOnline, and. iOS.

    The gameplay is simple and focuses on a simple cell that you can control using mouse or arrow keys. Start from a small section and grow higher by consuming pellets. Avoid other massive cells and eat colored pellets occurs when a massive cell wears small. There are the top 10 Similar Games to offering quite similar gameplay like it.


    There is another game offering quite similar gameplay to If you love playing, then you love Dogar. In this game, you can control your smiley avatar like Agar using the mouse with the same task you perform in

    Take start from smaller and grow bigger by passing of time and consuming orbs. Take time when you are stuck in some difficulty and avoid giant cells going far in the game. You can play the game on the browser with the simple sign-up procedure and show off your power and strategy to impress someone. If you love, then you’re surely like it.


    It is the second game in the list of games like features similar graphics, gameplay, and mechanics like its idle game There are lots of fans of, and we know you’re one of them. The gameplay is quite simple but addictive.

    Once the player starts playing, he is deeply engaged in the game. Here are some games which offer exactly similar feelings like You aren’t alone in the game. There are lots of players around the globe and try to grow their cells bigger and bigger. Try to attempt your task and grow bigger to dominate the field.

    Dots Eater Battle Online

    Dots Eater Battle Online is an Android video game and mixes different compounds like MMO and Puzzle for lovers who want to try some other games like it. Your job is so simple, start with a small smiley face, eat dots, and grow bigger and bigger to make massive scores and show off your friends.

    You are not alone in the game. There are already thousands of people having similar tasks. Avoid giant cells initially; once you gain enough size, then start absorbing other cells to gain more height. Here are more games like check out.

    Oh! There is another game with a little twist. If you are searching for games like, then I recommend this one because it offers the similar gameplay like it, but the character that you are controlling using the mouse is different. In this game, you guide a snake and try to accomplish your task. Start from a small and grow enough to survive.

    Firstly avoid other snakes, eat pellets, and enhance your size. Once you become big enough, start consuming other snakes by hitting and eat their colored pellets to grow quickly. You can check out on AndroidWindowsSteamMac, and iOS. is a puzzle game for Arcade lovers. The game takes you on an open environment and left you with lots of giant snakes. You aim to start from small snakes and grow higher and bigger eating pellets.

    Avoid other players having a similar task like you and avoid hitting them to save your life and survive longer. If you touch with any part of another snake, you turn into sparkly orbs and become food for another snake. Collect balls and become a giant snake to dominate the playfield. If you are searching for, then it suits you to check out. supports multiple platforms like AndroidSteamWindowsMac, and iOS. It displays a massive playfield and inserted thousands of players all over the country to play. You take control of a small cell and grow higher eating orbs and become a giant cell to become unbeatable.

    In the start, avoid hitting another cell, because you turn into colored orbs as you come close to anyone causing lose your progress and have to be from the starting point. There are top 10 games like for players who like playing this genre type games. is the sister game of because it offers the exactly similar games to There is a little difference in both games, such as you take control of a cell in and have to grow bigger in the simple background, while in, you take control of a small snake having a similar task like to eat orbs and grow bigger and higher to progress.

    The features are also included in the game that is a boost. You can use booster clicking on mouse left click to enhance your snake speed and consume more orbs in a short period. There is a lack when you are using boost features; you lose your mass and decrease your size. Here are awesome lists of games offering similar gameplay as compared to each other. There are exciting games of games offering games like and