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12 Apps Like PANICORE

PANICORE is a multiplayer survival game that puts you in a dark setting where you need to walk through hunting monsters and hidden traps. The game has many horror maps


14 Apps Like Baladins

Baladins is a cooperative adventure game. It has a tabletop setting where you make your own choices that lead you to create different narrative stories. It allows the player to


11 Apps Like Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor is a multi-player survival game with a sci-fi theme where you play as a scientist trapped in an underground science lab. Now your task is to use Its


13 Apps Like Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is an RPG massively multiplayer arena game where you play the role of the captain of a ship. For the fans of the famous novel with a

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9 Apps Like Town of Salem 2

Town of Salem 2 is a multiplayer strategy game with fantasy animation about a fictional town. The game follows a story as you progress further, and you need to build


11 Apps Like Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a competitive strategy game where you need to battle against various story characters with some items in your backpack. It lets you fight back with your backpack


12 Apps Like Pathless Woods

Pathless Woods is a 3D interactive adventure game with an open-world map where you need to establish civilization with your friends. It is a combination of strategy management and puzzles.


11 Apps Like Smithworks

Smithworks is a free casual, management, and first-person perspective video game developed by Ardent Games. In this game, the player has to craft weapons on the order of customers. This

Lost Ark Online

24 Apps Like Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark Online comes with a blend of Action RPG and MMO genres to offer you thrilling gameplay, developed by Tripod Studio and published by Smilegate for Windows. It features


10 Apps Like City of Heroes

City of Heroes is a free role-playing and massively multiplayer online video game developed by Cryptic Studios and Paragon Studios. This game takes place in a fictional world in which


10 Apps Like TERA

TERA is a paid action-adventure, combat, and fighting video game developed by Blue Hole. In this game, the players have to control an adventurer who has to take down dangerous


21 Apps Like Clash Royale (Mobile Strategy)

Clash Royale is a Mobile Strategy video game that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It offers a beautiful combination of Card-based brawling aesthetics and Strategy and allows

Clash of Clans

20 Apps Like Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was developed and published by Supercell. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy video game available to play on Mobile platforms. The game takes the player to


11 Apps Like Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a free MMORPG and fantasy-based video game developed by Pearls Abyss. The story of the game revolves around the republic of Calpheon and the raging conflict

The Elder Scrolls

11 Apps Like The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a free MMORPG and fantasy-based video game developed by Bethesda Softworks. In this game, players can play the role of protagonists by choosing a character.

Ultima Online

11 Apps Like Ultima Online

Ultima Online is a free MMORPG and strategy video game published by Electronic Arts. In this game, players are in a mythical world where they fight with enemies and defend


11 Apps Like Albion Online

Albion Online is a free MMO, role-playing, and strategy game developed by Sandbox Interactive GmbH. This game takes place in a medieval-themed world in which players have to fight for


11 Apps Like Darkfall Online

Darkfall Online is a free MMO and role-playing game developed by Adventurine SA. The game takes place in the 3D fantasy world in which there is real-time action. Before starting

EVE Online

11 Apps Like EVE Online

EVE Online is a free MMO and role-playing video game developed by CCP Games. In this game, players are pilots and they can fly spaceships in a galaxy. In addition

Mirage Online Classic

11 Apps Like Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free MMO and role-playing game developed by Retrelon Games, LLC. In this game, there are multiple areas to explore, 15+ dungeons, hundreds of items, and

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11 Apps Like Tibia

Tibia is a free MMO, combat, and role-playing video game developed by CipSoft. This game revolves around a rocky island in which players can explore, fight against enemies, and collect