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11 Should I Sleep Alternatives

Are you irritated by your MAC, which goes to sleep repeatedly? Should I Sleep is the right application for you. It stops the MAC from going into sleep mode. It

Who is 2 Brain Puzzle and Chats

14 Apps Like Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats

Who is? 2 Brain Puzzle & Chats is a free fun Puzzle and Brain teaser game where you will encounter different situations on multiple levels. Play with different characters with

Save The Girl

14 Apps Like Save The Girl

Save The Girl is a free relaxing Puzzle and Brain teaser game in which you will help and save a girl for escape. The gameplay is very simple and attractive

Dodge the prank

14 Apps Like Dodge the Prank!

Dodge the Prank! is a free Brain out and Casual game developed by HENN Inc. In this game, the boy jokes with the girl of his choice. Time by time,

Clue Hunter

14 Apps Like Clue Hunter

Clue Hunter is a free Puzzle and Brain teaser game that sharpens your mind to solve various levels. Act like a real detective, use your brain, and pay attention to

Life Choices

14 Apps Like Life Choices

Life Choices is a free Tricky Puzzle and Tricky Stories Simulator game developed by Unico Studio. In this game, the city needs your help for repair and rehabilitation. Play with

Riddle Master

14 Apps Like Riddle Master

Riddle Master is a free fun Tricky Puzzle and Brain Teaser game developed by Ruby Game Studio. The game test and challenge your IQ level with different Mini Games, Mini

Brain Wash - Thinking Game

14 Apps Like Brain Wash - Thinking Game

Brain Wash – Thinking Game is a free entertaining Puzzle and Brain teaser game with a variety of multiple levels that refreshes your mind. Different situations will arise for you,

Judgment Game Tricky Puzzles

14 Apps Like Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles

Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles is a free Tricky Brain teaser game where players will make their tough choices. There are multiple levels with different situations and for more fun unlock

Comics Bob

14 Apps Like Comics Bob

Comics Bob is a free Offline, Single-player, Puzzle, and Brain teaser game that can be played on Android and iOS. The game character Bob is not a smart man, he


18 Apps Like Nerdle

After the massive success of Wordle Online, Nerdle broke the internet with its release within one month. It comes with a pretty simple user interface, displaying a table of rows

Chuzzle 2

11 Apps Like Chuzzle 2

In this game, the player gets a 6*6 board that is filled with multi-colored balls known as Chuzzle 2 to remove the ball and enables the new Chuzzle 2 to

One Hand Clapping

8 Apps Like One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping is a 2D Musical platform developed by HandyGames. You can enjoy this unique game on PC and Mac devices. It lets you play with your voice and

Find Out

11 Apps Like Find Out: Find Hidden Objects!

Find Out: Find Hidden Objects! is a free Puzzle and Hidden objects game for Android developed by Focus Apps. There’s a series of different riddles and challenging mysteries to solve.