11 Solutionreach Alternatives

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Solutionreach is a platform for patient engagement specially created for healthcare providers. Solutionreach allows healthcare organizations with multiple management solutions like online records, scheduling, planning, documents, surveys, patient portals, etc.

It  provides the patient a great facility to communicate appropriately with their healthcare provider. Solutionreach allows them to have healthy communication. It enables patients to get their appointments and get the complete scheduling details.

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Solutionreach has been providing its services for over 20+ years and has served over 50 thousand healthcare agencies. It allows healthcare practices to get more patients at their door and let patients get their appointments quickly.


  • Enterprise solutions.
  • Multiple healthcare solutions.
  • Fast communication channel.
  • Activity dashboard.
  • Dental solutions.
  • Push notification reminders.
  • Manages booking.
  • Properly schedules appointments.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Patient portal.

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