23 DreamFactory Alternatives

DreamFactory is a leading software company that provides developers with advanced experience in creating software APIs. It provides a high-end built-in enterprise security system in which developers can comfortably create


12 Sites Like RapidLibrary

RapidLibrary is a File Search Engine Platform that enables users to look for files on Hotfile, Rapidshare, etc., download video, archives, audio, pictures, docs, applications, CD/DVD, music, e-books, and more.


13 Sites Like DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk is a software which is specially created for macOS to manage storage in multiple ways. It helps people in managing their disk space by shows all the details about

Virtual Volumes View

13 Sites Like Virtual Volumes View

Virtual Volumes View is a simple software that allows users to monitor all the memory management in disks. It allows people to manage their large collections of files that are

Disk Explorer Professional

13 Sites Like Disk Explorer Professional

Disk Explorer Professional is an outdated cataloguing tool that enables multiple tools to help people make multiple catalogues of their disks.  It allows users to manage all the operations related


13 Sites Like WinCatalog

WinCatalog is a popular cataloging software which is popular for their multiple features that helps people in their operations related to their disk management. It allows users done multiple operations


13 Sites Like WhatSize

WhatSize is an advance disk manager that allow users to make multiple changes in their disk including management, organizing and much more. It enables with multiple features which allow people


7 FilePursuit Alternatives

FilePursuit is a File Search Platform that enables users to identify a particular file on a web server among millions of others. You can locate a file on a web


13 Sites Like DirLister

DirLister is a lightweight tool which allow users to manage all the operations related to files and directories. People can make multiple changes in their disks by using this platform.

Rapidshare Search Shared Files

7 Sites Like Rapidshare Search Shared Files

Rapidshare Search Shared Files is a File-Sharing Platform that enables users to search the most popular download sites globally for files. With Search Shared, you can browse a global network


13 Sites Like NeoFinder

NeoFinder is a smart software that allow users to done all the operations relate to their directories and people can create multiple catalogs without any restriction. It comes up with

AIO Search

7 Sites Like AIO Search

AIO Search is a Search Engine Platform that searches other search engines, torrent websites, file hosting services, and streaming websites to get the information you seek. It enables you to

Smart CD Catalog

13 Smart CD Catalog Alternatives

Smart CD Catalog is a lightweight software that helps people organize and manage their multiple storage devices by staying in one place. People can make multiple changes in their storage


7 Sites Like UVRX

UVRX is an Online File Storage and Search Engine Platform that makes it simple to locate files that their legitimate owners have shared. It provides separate search engines for taringa.net,

Easy Disk Catalog Maker

13 Easy Disk Catalog Maker Alternatives

Easy Disk Catalog Maker is a software that enables multiple features, which makes it easier for users to create multiple catalogs on their file directories. People can do multiple operations


7 Sites Like SearchFiles

SearchFiles is a File Search Engine Tool that enables users to locate precisely the stuff they’re looking for when searching for information in files rather than websites. It provides an


13 abeMeda Alternatives

abeMeda is the best solution for people who want to manage their disk space by creating multiple catalogs. It allows users to create multiple catalogs on their directories. Along with


7 Sites Like FileCrop

FileCrop is a Shared Files Search Engine that allows users to look up shared files. You may search through Rapidshare, Hotfile, Mediafire, depositfiles, Mega. You can find files uploaded by


13 Sites Like Cathy

Cathy is a fast cataloging tool that allow users to make multiple catalogs of their disks. It allow people to manage their disks memory in multiple ways with simple and


7 Sites Like FilesTube

FilesTube is a Shared File Search Engine Platform founded in 2007 by Red Sky. It enables users to scan files across a range of file-sharing and uploading platforms, including Mega.


13 CatDroid Alternatives

CatDroid is a simple software that enables with cataloging feature and other file management system. It allow people to make multiple changes in their file directories. It helps in improving