10 SoftClinic Alternatives

SoftClinic is an online platform that assists clinical and hospital professionals in managing their facilities. Users may configure the platform’s software to meet their own demands and requirements, and it can be scaled to any size. It assists employees in a variety of areas, including human resources, inventory, pharmacy, and laboratory.

The platform helps personnel to keep track of inventories and maintain patient information by storing them in the storage. Staff may email these patient records to anybody at any moment, and they can print them out as well. Finally, it allows users to produce reports on patients as well as the facility’s performance.


  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Codding Assistance
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Medical Billing

Similar to SoftClinic


1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a software suite that is developed for medical, physical therapy, independent libraries, mental health clinics, and independent laboratories. The platform is a cost-effective solution that offers fully integrated AdvancedMD EHR solutions and professional practice management services while preserving a pleasant user experience throughout the globe. AdvancedMD offers practice management solutions that include numerous billing software, scheduling software, reporting, and benchmarking. Smart dashboards, patient charts, configurable layouts, apps, and more are among the EHR features. AdvancedMD is an automated…

2. Credible

Credible is the most cost-effective approach to pay off school debts, personal loans, and mortgages. Credible encourages customers to take control of their money as a multi-lender marketplace that allows borrowers to get competitive loan offers from its approved lenders. Consumers may acquire rates without damaging their credit score or revealing their personal information with lenders until they're ready to continue with an offer after answering a few questions about themselves. Credible is fiercely independent and dedicated to providing millennials…

3. Comarch

Comarch Master Data Management is a cloud-based master product catalog that provides optimal product data management and communication with business partners. It is a GSI-certified solution, which implies that data interchange in the GDSN is guaranteed (Global Data Synchronization Network). To avoid a drop in sales and additional expenditures, the platform manually fixes the erroneous data. It enables users to systematize the process of changing and updating important data. It also eliminates the need for paper communications or a jumbled…

4. WebPT

WebPT is a legitimate and dependable physical therapy automation software platform that helps rehabilitation institutions optimize their operations. This program meets all of your regulatory compliance standards and makes things easier for you by allowing you to submit correct claims, optimize payouts, and more. When it comes to making appointments, scheduling, or making payments with clients, WebPT is presenting an automated method with swift processing, which means you have more time to focus on your patient and less time on…

5. Kareo

Kareo is a hospital and clinic administration software that performs effectively. It is made up of a number of intriguing modules that allow you to combine your staff's needs and the hospital's operations into a single platform. It has a lot of capabilities and allows you to quickly combine multiple modules and track all kinds of actions through a single management system. The platform's major functions operate swiftly, and it has a smart user interface. It's a cloud-based platform that…

6. emr4MD

emr4MD is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) software system that connects administrative and clinical operations. Users can fill in information by clicking, typing, or dictating after creating a new patient profile using a software template. End-to-end Web App solutions are available from emr4MD. ONC-ATCB Certified is available through this online Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Users may create profiles with a comprehensive medical history and link references and documents to each one using the program. Finally, the platform includes…

7. Meditab

Meditab is another electronic health record software that provides integrated and certified EHR systems for medical practitioners. The technology provides complete data in a user-friendly digital format, allowing healthcare providers to improve their services while maintaining accuracy. It includes all of the necessary features, such as practice management software, a mobile app, and a communication option. All of these are specialized to cater to certain areas of healthcare, such as ENT, pain treatment, and a variety of other specialties. It…

8. PrognoCIS EMR

PrognoCIS EMR is a hospital management system that integrates all of a hospital's personnel and management protocols onto a single platform. It is simple to use and monitor patient data, and it also includes a separate module for administrative employees to examine and track their work schedules. It provides you with round-the-clock help for any of the company's issues. The platform is web-based, with numerous modules for integrating different layers of the system, and it goes through extensive testing before…

9. Cerner

  Cerner is a well-known and well-respected technical partner for healthcare organizations, allowing them to adopt a data-driven approach to getting the most out of their HER system. Creating a positive business effect has always been a challenge for healthcare providers, but that is no longer the case with Cerner since you have best-in-class solutions and tools to implement the finest practices imaginable. Advance HER system, vast IT infrastructures, customizable dashboards, sophisticated web portals, comprehensive web portals, automated environments, and…

10. drchrono HER

drchrono EHR is a fully equipped Medicare access and chip reauthorization management system that includes a convenient management module and a best practice management system for hospitals and clinics. The program's interface is simple to use, and it includes a web-based module that allows us to evaluate all of the data in a separate window. Staff and administrators can collaborate rapidly on a single platform. It includes a phone reminder, an advanced patient portal, scheduling tools, a tax reminder, an…

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