9 Apps Like Wox

Wox is a full-featured app launcher that helps access programs and web content. You can quickly find files and applications to start the program without leaving the keyboard. You can search the web by using prefixed keywords generated by yourself. You can add your searching in its setting to meet your daily need. You can create your theme by selecting font, color, and size.

It supports plugins written by CSharp, Python, Golang, and NodeJS. You can also create your plugin and share it with others. You can get auto-complete text suggestions to make your document more authentic.


  • Find applications and files
  • Theming
  • Quick-search web
  • Plugin
  • Auto -complete text suggestion
  • Portable mode
  • Share with other
  • Keywords

Alternatives to Wox


1. Keypirinha

Keypirinha is a fast launcher keyboard on windows. It is launched to search online dictionaries or configured websites. Users can also evaluate mathematical expressions. You can search your environmental variables. It also provides a base conversion of numbers. Users can quickly find applications, files, and bookmarks. You can split the URL and convert its argument. You can switch a running application by name. You can generate passwords and bytes sequences. It is naturally associated with keywords to any particular item.…

2. Listary

Listary is a fast launcher through which you can easily search each of your folders. It makes browsing easy and faster. It provides smart search technology at your fingertips. It has a lightweight interface that does not swamp your system down. It helps to strain system resources and puts window explorers on steroids. Users can quickly find any file they need. You can create a favorite list of commonly used files and applications. It also provides search with keywords. Users…

3. Alfred

Alfred is an award-winning app launcher that helps you to boost your search with keywords and text expansion. You can save countless hours by using keywords and hotkeys. You can preview files, browse, and take action without lifting your fingers. Users can use clipboard history to locate any text, file, or image you copied earlier and paste again. You can control your music by creating your own music file. You can do the quick mathematical calculation and copy the results…

4. Ulauncher

Ulauncher is the latest app launcher for the android mobile system. It helps you to make your phone better than before. With the help of U Launcher, your phone becomes a more powerful, personal, and intelligent device than you have ever been. It sets new standers for the android mobile operating system. Through file manager and file explorer, you can search and explore files also, copy/paste, Zip/Unzip, share files and delete the file. You can create a folder, cut, move…

5. Ueli

Ueli is a keystroke launcher for Windows and macOS. You can search applications on your computer with the help of its plugin. Users can specify the folders when they install applications. It provides a color converter, calculator, and currency converter. It makes web browsing easy with the help of bookmarks. You can create a shortcut for easy app and folder searching. You can choose the control panel. You can create your search library with short keys. It enables you to…

6. RecentX

RecentX is an app launcher for windows that make your computing life easy and joyful. You can find scattered files and navigate folders. Users can access slow network paths, and search clutters desktop shortcuts. It also helps you to locate the internet by bookmarking. You can make a tag for files and folders to make search easy and faster. It provides a clipboard manager that remembers all text and pictures, and you can easily copy any text or picture from…

7. Cerebro


Cerebro is a  project management system designed for marketing departments, construction companies, animation studios, and VFX. It enables you to work on your project from anywhere and provides translation of different languages. With the help of the plan and schedule feature, you can set the deadline of your project, assign tasks to your team members, and track- real-time project progress. You can also access the financials of your project with a single click. You can store and share data across…



GNOME Do an open-source app launcher that allows the search for applications, files, and folders. It designed to make search easy and simple. It enables you to perform a specific task on search results like email, chat, open, play and run. With one click, you will get more and more like if you want to search a folder, you will get other options like open, move, or reveal. It provides four different themes. With the help of the shortcut feature,…

9. Launchy

Launchy is an android app launcher that helps you start and launch your document, project files, folders, and bookmark. It makes your search easy with the help of some keystrokes. It is designed to help you forget about your start menu, file manager, or even icons on your desktop. It allows a quick access program without browsing a folder or opening the start menu. It has file format and folders in its catalog for indexing and can launch anything on…