What Happened to BestGore.com? Find Best Alternatives

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Bestgore.com is an online platform that provides the best gore videos from all over the world. It is a Canadian website which was developed in 2008. It provides hundreds of videos on its platform related to gore content. It was owned by Mark Marek and maintained by his team in Canada.

The website not only provides the best gore videos but also provides multiple news and photos in real-time. It gives news and updates about various incidents and offers complete details about them, including the location, time, and related reasons.

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But in 2012, the website got a higher audience for some reason, and the website started gaining more media attention. But it turned out bad for the best gore owner; Marek got arrested under multiple accusations and cases of violating various morals.

Bestgore.com was discontinued entirely in 2020 due to numerous reasons. The main reason for the discontinuation was that it broke multiple public morals and much more. These days, it is wholly discontinued on the internet, and no one has access to their media.

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10 Sites Like BestGore

Sites Like BestGore

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In Bestgore replacement, check out our post covering multiple BestGore alternatives , and users can shift to alternatives despite thinking about discontinued websites.

1. Theync

Theync is an online gore content-providing website that covers multiple news about various incidents. It enables numerous categories of videos and pictures and shows videos of different websites linked with it.

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2. Hoodsite

Hoodsite is an online gore content site that uploads various categories of gore content on its platform. It enables a search engine through which users can search content easily without any issues.

3. AliveGore

AliveGore is a website that uploads a wide range of gore content, including videos, pictures, and much more. It provides all the details about every news and updates. Users can create an account to add videos to their favorites.

4. SeeGore

SeeGore is a gore content site that covers a variety of gore videos and uploads 18-plus pieces of content. It uploads real-time incident videos on its website and allows people to upload content on their site.

5. Deep Gore Tube

Deep Gore Tube is a platform that covers multiple of the latest best videos. It uploads various types of content and provides adult content on its site. Users can search content through keywords.

6. The Blood Factory

The Blood Factory is the best gore video site that offers a variety of content. It uploads all the real-time latest videos of multiple categories. They upload various crazy pictures of numerous incidents.

7. ShockGore

ShockGore is a platform that uploads various uncensored images and videos of multiple incidents. They gained popularity in the beginning, but in the end, due to some accusations, it was discontinued

8. Goregrish

Goregrish is an extensive online library of gore videos. It was started in 2008, and it uploads various gore-related content daily. Users can upload videos from their file directory with multiple categories.

9. Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality is the premium best gore video website that offers a wide range of gore content. It allows users to search content by their categories or by using a search engine. It does not track or steal user information.

10. WatchPeopleDie

WatchPeopleDie is an online database of various types of gore videos and pictures. It covers multiple news and the latest incidents related to gore content. It is the best platform for finding gore content.

Final Words

These are all alternatives to bestgore.com. All the websites work correctly, and users can have access to all the sites without any restrictions. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our site listing the best alternative to bestgore.com