34 Sites Like Jeinz Macias

jeinz macias is a football streaming platform that enables with streaming of multiple channels. Users can get access to various channels through their website. It is one of the best


11 Apps Like Lemon8

Lemon8 is an online discovery platform for users who want to explore food, places, fashion, and more according to their requirements and needs. This platform gives users an easy, entertaining


21 Okular Alternatives

Okular is a Document Viewer Platform that lets you read PDFs, comic books, and EPub novels, browse photos, view Markdown documents, and do a lot more. With its many features,

The Economist

15 The Economist Alternatives

The Economist is a British Weekly Newspaper first published in 1843 and available online and in print magazine format. It is centered on politics, technology, culture, international business, and current


12 Omnivore Alternatives

Omnivore is an Open Source Read-it-Later Program that is specifically made for people who enjoy reading. It’s a distraction-free and privacy-focused platform that is intended for lifelong learners and knowledge


21 Sites Like Lalamanga

Lalamanga is an online platform that offers online manga. It provides multiple categories of manga online, and it is the best destination for users who are obsessed with comics. These days,


11 Sites Like Vulture

Vulture is an online magazine site where people can find news about multiple aspects related to entertainment. It allows users to find news about multiple movies, actors, actresses, music, books,

Just Jared

11 Sites Like Just Jared

Just Jared is an online platform where users can find breaking entertainment news. It provides all the news about every single person who is related to the showbiz industry. It


11 Sites Like Radiotimes

Radiotimes is a British-based website that provides content from magazines that covers multiple topics in digital form. It allows users to find a complete listing of multiple radio programs and TV programs through their digital


11 Sites Like ExtraTV

ExtraTV is an entertainment news website that covers all aspects of entertainment. It covers news, photos, gossip, scandals, videos, games, music, television, movies, news, and much more. It also gives


11 Sites Like UPROXX

UPROXX is an old news website that covers all the topics related to entertainment and popular culture. It was started in 2008, and now it has gained thousands of audience online. It covers multiple categories of

Perez Hilton

11 Sites Like Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is an online news platform that covers news about multiple aspects. It covers multiple categories of news from various film industries and all the people who are connected


11 Sites Like Wonderwall

Wonderwall is an online news platform that covers news about various celebrities around the world. It allows people to get all the updates on everything related to the industry on


11 Sites Like Hollywood in Toto

Hollywood in Toto is a platform that is specially made for entertainment or for talks of entertainment. It covers all the breaking news of various film industries that come in entertainment. It

Reality Blurb

11 Sites Like Reality Blurb

Reality Blurb is specially created to gather all the readers under one platform by giving them TV news and multiple other updates. It also provides complete coverage of interviews for


24 Sites Like is a popular platform that covers details about multiple celebrities along with their relationship with each other. It is a source of online entertainment, which is also called a


11 Sites Like TooFab

TooFab is a website that gathers news and details about multiple topics related to entertainment and lifestyle. It covers multiple categories like celebrity news, fashion, television, movies, music, photos, videos, and much more. It uploads all


12 Sites Like Sindonews

Sindonews is an innovative online news platform that gives access to global updates, news, and alerts. It is an Indonesian website offering news, trendy shorts, and more every second. This


12 Sites Like Kumparan

Kumparan is an online Indonesian news platform offering users trendy news globally. This platform provides the world’s latest news and updates you every second. Users can freely translate this news-based

Common Sense Media

9 Sites Like Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a Non-Profit Organization for Reviews and Ratings founded by Jim Steyer in 2003 that enables users to get recommendations for entertainment and technology. The platform provides

Unconsenting Media

9 Sites Like Unconsenting Media

Unconsenting Media is a Sexual Violence Search Engine Platform that gives people the knowledge to choose their media wisely. It’s a database that seeks to disseminate information regarding sexual assault