10 Typing.com Alternatives

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Typing.com is based on typing education, as it can enable customers to grow the skills related to keyboarding and coding and maximize the literacy rate in the digital network. The platform can allow teachers and students to create a foundation based on the technology to achieve stability in the games, lessons, online activities, and much more.

Typing.com also has tools that can instantly offer customers tracking, reporting, and grading on each student’s progress. There is an availability of a teaching portal that contains efficient options for helping in the guidance of students so that they can develop a distinguished career with ease.

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  • Single Sign-On
  • Curriculum Management
  • Transcription
  • Academic Reporting
  • School District

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Amphetype is an advanced typing program that offers users importing texts, detailed statistics, autogenerate lessons, and much more. The program is based on the layout-agnostic typing program, as it can help users who don't need to use an on-screen keyboard and wish to enhance their accuracy and speed. Users have to give this platform a try to get the real potential it keeps. Amphetype also lets its users import other text files to easily develop their desired custom lessons by…

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Monkeytype is a customizable typing platform through which users can test themselves in multiple modes to enhance their typing speed. When the user types any word visible on the left side of the interface, the real word will come across towards the right side. In the Monkeytype, a temporary audio file is available right after every word so that users can listen to that word in their formal languages. It can also help users with the training of their listening,…

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Typing Core is an online marketplace that aims to help users practice their typing skills at no cost. It is based on the classroom tools that numerous teachers are using to better their students. The typing speed of anyone can reflect their skills at several points, including study, work, chatting, and more. Typing Core also lets its users access the community's real-time feedback to motivate them to become much more accurate and faster than before. With the help of non-judgemental…

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RapidTyping tutor software help users in maximizing their keyboard skills, as it provides them with a variety of learning steps to type faster. It comes with multiple lessons that can easily access repeatedly to users typing more accurately and quickly. The platform allows users with various modes, including the touch tying mode, which is preferable for advanced working network systems. Rapid Typing Tutor even comes with such courses necessary for testing almost all experience levels. Users can access their entire…

10fastfingers based on the typing test services through which users can measure their exact speed of typing and can even match with hundreds of other users across the globe. Users can easily improve their typing skills with the help of multiple games that are meant to support them in the entire process. 10FastFingers is also compatible with numerous devices; as for using its service, users don't have to create an account or install software on systems. There is even availability…

TypingMaster comes with the complete course for touch typing training. This software contains multiple predesigned plans. Customers can develop their timetables with the help of certain suitable lessons and neglect all of the other ones. TypingMaster also comes with numerous different lessons that are assembled for testing the level of users, such as starters, intermediate, and the expert typing level. Users can get a lot more practice exercises to dissolve into the techniques for the better experience of typing as…

Rašyti gives online touch typing trainer services so that users can easily type their formal language quickly and accurately. The program is based on the multi-keyboard system and with the multi-language format, as it contains numerous different languages from all over the globe. It can even support several input types in multiple scripts, such as Latin, Armenian, Cyrillic, Georgian, and more. Rašyti comes intending to teach users various efficient ways of typing along with containing a typing-based game for a…

Klavaro is an efficient tool service that helps learn the exact position of every keyboard key so that the interrelated fingers are used to press individual keys. It can offer several digital services that include multiple keyboard patterns like QWERTY or AZERTY, typing habits, hundreds of different layouts, multi-languages, such as English, Russian, Arabic, etc. Klavaro also lets its users do typing exercises to learn about the position of each finger on the keys of the keyboard in real-time. The…


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