Top Alternatives to VLC Media Player

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No doubt VLC is one of the best Free and Open-Source multipurpose media player for all devices. It comes with an easy to understand interface and support almost all the leading audio and video formats that make it the best choice of both common and advanced users. Nerveless, some of you might me looking for some effective VLC alternatives as well.

Why you need VLC Alternatives?

There are lots of reasons to find similar software like VLC media player such as VLC is not lightweight enough, no customization, and most important no download video options.

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Other similar players like VLC are unengaged to download and easily use in your mobile phone. So, without keeping your device stuck per player it is easy to download MX Player or other players that happen to be here in such an article.

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They can offer you similar features such as the VLC player do. A lot of the sorts of media codec like MP3, MP4, Audio, WMA etc. kinds of formats can be compatible with these players easily. From now do not need to get concerned about using a single player on your phone every time.

Top list of VLC Player Alternatives for Android

1. MX Player

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MX Player player was specially designed to the needs of the individual recommendation. All the disposable features that could be needed in a media player for Android will come in this app. It supports many of the formats of video and audio to get played in any length anytime.

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In addition, it gives the High Definition output for each video and movies as well. Before playing any video in that player you need to have downloaded the very best quality of the video to obtain the maximum quality of the view.

2. BS Player

BS Player is known as the best VLC Player alternative that offers all the similar features with some new tools to download videos with just a single click. One of the best features of this software is that it supports HW decoding with a comfortable playback speed.

You can engage in the flick from the floating window mode such going without shoes allows you to act continuously while you perform another task also. Grab the interface locked while you’re watching videos avoiding change of videos from accidental touch.

4. GOM Player

Gom Player happens to be an Android media player giving almost the same feature as VLC only. If you get bored of using the VLC player definitely it is easy to purchase the GOM player instead.

Gom Player contains features like playing 360 videos, impressive interface, unique display, sleep timer etc. include this app. It does the job very fine from the Android phones while it props up finger gesture to manage the player.

5. RealPlayer

RealPlayer props up entire formats of music and videos as well. There’s no need to maintain almost every other players if you install RealPlayer into your Android phone. Since it works as the two audio player not to mention video player too. It provides a cool interface for you with realistic controls as well.

Adjust your special playback speed and delay with subtitles and screen orientation too. Grab the 10 band equalizer to get the more enhanced audio effect. More features are ready in that player so once you have to download it into your phone to obtain the practical experience.

FAQs About VLC Media Player

1. How to Crop Video in VLC?

VLC is an open-source media player that anyone can use freely. With the help of this media player, you can play any video you want. VLC is a vital tool for those who watch videos on the computer.

Many times, we do not need to have a lengthy video. We sometimes only need a small clip from a video to save. You do not want to delete that part of the video, or you might want to delete some portion from the video.

So, what to do to crop the desired portion from the video? Well, do not worry because this article will help you know how to crop video using the VLC player.

2. Can I Use VLC Media Player for Cropping Videos?

You can save your favorite parts with the help of the VLC media player. The VLC media player is simple to follow to trim or crop the video. Advanced software requires advanced skills, but the VLC media player is straightforward to use.

The VLC media player is not just only for playing the videos, but it is also best for various other options. Some other options for which you can use VLC media player including editing and video cropping. By using a VLC media player, you can crop any video.

Cropping the video means that you can choose any part of your choice and then cut it to your desired length. Also, there is no VLC crop video length limit. By this, you can save the favorite parts of any video and then save it. This will also help to save storage on your pc or phone.

3. Can the Cropped Video in VLC Media Player Be Save Permanently?

Many people think that the cropped videos cannot be saved in VLC media player, but this is not the case. You can save the cropped video in the VLC player permanently.

There are many a lot of functions that VLC Media Player offers. These options include editing, cropping, merging of videos, and much more.

4. How many Modes in VLC Media Player

In VLC Media Player, there are different kinds of modes. These different modes perform functions differently. In the first mode, you can only view the video. This mode is only for previewing the video.

This mode of VLC media player is not for saving the video that you edited. For cropping and saving the video, you have to use the second mode of VLC Media Player.

The second mode of the VLC media player is hidden. This mode is hidden in the Advanced settings. In this mode, you can easily save your edited video permanently. By following the steps, you can save the video and crop it in a VLC media player.

5. How to Crop Video in VLC?

VLC media player offers the best solution for cropping the video. By just following the steps, you can crop any video. For cropping the video, you have to follow the following given steps. You can crop and save video VLC.

Download VLC Media Player

First, download the latest version of the VLC media player. You can download it from the official website of the VLC player. After downloading the VLC media player, install it on your pc. You have to wait for some time; it takes a very limited amount of time.

Go to the Tools menu

After installing the program, launch the VLC media player. After opening the media player go to the menu bar. In this menu bar, there is an option of “Tools.”

Click on this tool’s menu. When you click on the Tools menu, a tab will appear, and there you will see an option of “Preferences.” Click on this preferences option.

Set Video Crop Settings

For cropping the video, you have to do some settings in the VLC media player.

When you click on the “Preferences” options, you can crop the video. After this, the tab of settings appears. Then in the lower-left corner, under show settings options, click on “All.”

By clicking on this, you can easily see all the accessible options. With the help of these accessible options, the video can be cropped. Scroll down and on the left panel, go to “video.”

Then to “Expand Filters” and then to “Cropped.” After this, select the pixels to crop the video. By this, you can easily crop the video from any side.

After that, select the section which you want to crop. For this, define the section of the desired video and then crop it. You have to again go to “Video” then to “Filter.” On the Filters option, click on “Video Scaling Filter” and then click “save.” This will help you and save all the operations that you have done previously.

Select Video File

After doing all the settings, then return to the main menu bar. Here you see the Media tab; click on it and then click on “Convert/Save.” Then an interface will appear. In the interface, click on the “Add” button and then select the file which you want to crop.

In the lower right corner, there is a drop-down menu. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Convert.” After this, hit on “Edit” so that editing takes place.

Now go to “Video Codec,” then to “Filter,” and then to “VLC Video Cropping Filter.” After this, your video can be cropped in high quality. Now select the portion which you want to cut and then edit it.

6. How to Save Cropped Video Permanently?

With the help of a VLC media player, you can also save the cropped video permanently. For this, follow these steps and save the video.

After cropping the video in the VLC media player, the last and most crucial step is to save the video. After cropping, click on the “Browse” button. After clicking on it, decide the location where you want to save your cropped video.

You can also rename the files according to your choice. Click on the start button on the lower side and go to the path to save your cropped video. Now the cropped video is saved permanently in your desired folder. Your VLC crop video is now ready.

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