23 AssemblyAI Alternatives

AssemblyAI is an AI-powered platform that allows people to generate multiple transcription tools. People can generate various AI models to build accurate speech-to-text tools. Users can create multiple categories of

Cue Player Pro

12 Sites Like Cue Player Pro

Cue Player Pro is an Audio Management Platform that allows sound effects to be played for theatre sound professionals. It includes all of the presentation sounds, including entrance and exit,

Sound Byte

12 Sites Like Sound Byte

Sound Byte is a Theater Show Control App, and Cart Rack is an excellent option if you’re looking to organize your music, spice up the commentary at a local sporting


12 Sites Like Watchout

Watchout is a Multi-display Software developed by Dataton that quickly produces amazing displays. You can use it to compose and manage all the many media components in your show, including


12 Sites Like Trigger

Trigger is Audio and Video Playback Software that enables users to play sound effects and music with the least amount of hassle and the most possible impact. It’s an advanced,

Singer Station

12 Sites Like Singer Station

Singer Station is a mobile application that enables smooth sound configuration systems, and it is recommended by multiple musicians and singers. It is a professional application that helps in improving

Online Sequencer

12 Sites Like Online Sequencer

Online Sequencer is an Online Music Sequencer founded by Jacob Morgan and George Burdell. It enables users to create music using their browser and send it to their friends. It’s


7 Sites Like ACX

ACX is an Audiobook Creation Exchange Platform created by Don Katz in 2011. It enables users to create audiobooks, and it assists you with making your audiobook, reaching a worldwide


8 Sites Like Soundplant

Soundplant is a free tool which allow users to turn their keyboard into versatile sound trigger tool in multiple ways. It enables with multiple features that helps in making all


8 Sites Like EventSoundControl

EventSoundControl is a fast tool that helps in controlling sound system operations in multiple theaters or many other places. It is an advance software that offers multiple tools for users


8 Sites Like qwertyGO

qwertyGO is an advance tool that enables with multiple features that allow musicians to trigger sounds by using their keyboards. It allows them to create multiple sound effects and many


8 Sites Like EventSoundControl

EventSoundControl is a cross-platform Audio Software Platform that enables users to Make use of software that is created from the bottom up for your stage show, the carnival, and the


8 Sites Like qwerty GO

qwertyGO is an Audio Trigger Software that enables users to use your keyboard to play noises. You can play songs, jingles, sound effects, and loops in the theatre or on


8 Sites Like Soundplant

Soundplant is an Audio Sampling Platform that enables users to use a computer keyboard as a playable instrument with minimal latency and a variety of sound triggers. You can assign


8 Sites Like OnCue

OnCue is a mobile application that comes up with multiple advanced functionalities with various sound operations. It provides multiple tools which helps users to properly control all the sound operations


8 Sites Like Isadora

Isadora is an interactive Media Presentation Tool that enables artists, designers, performers, and video jockeys to swiftly take advantage of digital media’s boundless possibilities and real-time interaction. Isadora can fulfill


7 Sites Like KONTAKT

KONTAKT is a leading virtual instrument platform that provides multiple categories of virtual instruments. It is a popular platform which is trusted by millions of people around the world. It

UVI Falcon

7 Sites Like UVI Falcon

UVI Falcon is an advance instrumental tool that allow users to design sounds according to their dreams. It provides multiple categories of tools which helps people in designing audios in


8 Sites Like SoundCue

SoundCue is a popular application which is designed for musicians and live performers to done their multiple operations related to music controlling. It allows them to play any sound just by pressing one button on


8 Sites Like Pianoteq

Pianoteq is a virtual instrument which is specially prepared for the people who love music. It is also helpful for the people who cannot afford piano or do not have area in their homes to place piano.


7 Sites Like TruePianos

TruePianos is an online platform that provides a virtual instrument plugin that offers advanced realistic piano sounds with high performance. It enables with multiple plugin formats that allow users to