5 Games Like Time Master

Time Master is an upcoming Time Manipulation, Story Rich, and Single-player Puzzle video game developed and published by MorpheusZ for Windows. The game features an emotional storyline where the protagonist has lost his sister named Sophia in a tragic accident. However, a mysterious voice comes and promises him that he could get his sister back.

The game takes place in a beautiful world where you discover a series of puzzle mechanics that help you interact with the unique abilities of the playable character. Experience the cinematic storyline that comes with lots of surprises and laughs. The game starts with on difficulty level, but it gradually increases as the player proceeds through the game.


  • Puzzle Mechanics
  • Voice Acted Cinematic Storyline
  • Time Manipulation
  • Fragments
  • Evil Wizard Lucix

Similar Games To Time Master


1. Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin offers similar gameplay to 12 Minutes but doesn’t feature Time Manipulation and Interactive Story elements, released by Ruby Game Studios. The game takes place in a maze-like environment where the player moves from a top-down viewpoint to solve a series of puzzles. You control an assassin in the game to hunt down the targets the game assigns one by one. Meanwhile, use your surroundings and shadows to stay away from flashlights and more. Target your enemy using automatic…

2. Relash

Relash is an Action-mixed Time Manipulation and Single-player Puzzle video game released by RetroGradeGames for Windows. The story revolves around a character who needs to cooperate with his past in a world where everything moves backward. The game is set in the science-fiction world where boxes are fallen to rise their original position; meanwhile, broken windows are restoring to their initial state. When playing the game, you can complete a new mindset to complete challenging puzzles. So, try to solve…

3. The Gardens Between

Released by The Voxel Agents, The Gardens Between is a Puzzle and Single-player video game found on Android and iOS. The game takes place in the mysterious realm where the protagonist has been lost. During the journey, players discover a time flow where they get the ability to manipulate the time to solve tricky puzzles. The offline feature allows you to play the game anywhere anytime. There are lots of challenging landscapes available; each one comes with a different location…

4. Inua - A Story in Ice and Time

Inua: A Story in Ice and Time is an Adventure, Time Manipulation, and Single-player Story Rich video game developed by The Pixel Hunt and Published by Arte France for Multiple Platforms. It offers similar gameplay to 12 Minutes and features a supernatural tale heavily inspired by historical facts. There is a series of challenging puzzles, involving both Time Manipulation and Space elements. The player controls a character from a top-down viewpoint and his ultimate goal is to restore the natural…

5. Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes (stylized as 12 Minutes) is an Adventure and Single-player video game released by Annapurna Interactive for PC. The game takes place in a stunning world where the plot focuses on a character who has been trapped in a time loop. Get ready to experience the real-time top-down interactive gameplay with a drag and drop interface. During the game, you navigate the land from a top-down viewpoint; meanwhile, experience the mix of Dream-like Tensions and Time Travel. It sets…