9 Games Like South of the Circle

In South of the Circle, Peter, and Clara, two Cambridge professors caught in the political turmoil of the Cold War, have a touching story. The story is about how hard it is to figure out how to balance work, love, and keeping our word. The story is about deciding between work, love, the present, and the past. You play Peter, a professor from Cambridge who gets stuck in Antarctica during the Cold War.

As he asks for help, his life story plays out in front of him, showing how the demands of power and his ambitions have led him to the edge he must now climb. Peter and Clara, a fellow student, fall in love, and it is around this time that Peter starts to realize how vital his promises are. Some promises, like the best memories from your childhood, never go away.


  • Nuanced emotional choices
  • Rich, authentic setting of the historical Cold War era
  • Environmental storytelling woven through the narrative
  • The distinguished and consistent art style

Alternatives to South of the Circle

1. Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana is a paid adventure, puzzle, and sci-fi video game developed by Wishfully. This game takes place in a colorful world that is full of unfamiliar creatures and cold machines. The story of the game revolves around a young girl and her boyfriend who get on a rescue mission. It is an open-world game that the player can explore with a trusted companion. Furthermore, this game supports a single-player mode so the player has to play this game…

2. Unravel 2

Unravel 2 is a paid action-adventure, single-player, and cooperative multiplayer video game developed by Coldwood. The story of the game revolves around two yarns which are small anthropomorphic creatures. This game has both single-player and multiplayer modes so either two players or one player can control the two yarns. In this game, players are provided with a storyline due to which they can easily understand the game. You can try to simulate in every location, go to various quests, and…

3. Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine introduces thrilling gameplay for those players who love playing First-person Exploration and Puzzle gameplay with horror elements. Developed by Valko Games Studios, Labyrinthine is offering a Player Versus Environment mode, along with team-based gameplay where the player moves across the scene from a first-person viewpoint. Experience the psychological horror gameplay in the randomly generated environment and confront the supernatural powers. The plot follows four characters who embark on a journey to unravel a mystery of the abandoned Hapsburg hedge…

4. Toby: The Secret Mine

Including me, lots of players love to play Puzzle-Platform games because many of them come with a beautiful romance of the story and vibrant graphics. The cast of characters is fabulous and offers a lovely experience. Most of the gameplay seems similar to Limbo, while somehow you can compare it with the Little Nightmare 2 game; therefore, today the game has made its place in the list of Games Like Little Nightmare II. Features Puzzle-Platform Vibrant Graphics Romantic Story-line Side…

5. Orphan

Are you ready to control a ghost-like creature who needs your help to survive? Control a character with the task of searching the relatives in a hostile world. Explore the land from a side-scroll viewpoint, overcome obstacles, and reach the end with max points. There are dozens of ways you can use to deal with enemies and their bosses as well. Features Puzzle Platform Side-scroll Ghost-like Creature Dozens of Level Similar Games to Orphan

6. Unravel

Unravel is my favorite game and one of the best Alternatives to Little Nightmare II. It comes with a mix of Puzzle and Platform genres, offering you stunning gameplay holding a breathtaking environment and a heart-touching storyline revolving around the yarn-made character. Explore the land through levels when raveling your inner abilities and get rid of all puzzles. Features Puzzle Platform Breathtaking Environment Heart-touching Storyline Yarn-made Character Challenging Levels Similar Games to Unravel

7. Gris

Gris may cost you $4.99 on Android and $16.99 on PlayStation. It is an Adventure, Puzzle-Platform, and Single-player video game with side-scroll gameplay that promises to offer you endless fun.┬áStart navigating the world surrounding you from a side-scroll perspective and reach the end of each stage to unlock the next scene. The game leaves you in a stunning world where you enjoy the serene and evocative experience, as well as the frustration of death. Control a girl from a side-scroll…

8. Planet Alpha

I know the first thing that comes to your mind would be what criteria I set when searching for Best Games like Little Nightmare 2, and why Planet Alpha is offering the same gameplay to LN2 (Little Nightmare II). Firstly, it offers the same gameplay experience via a side-scroll perspective, as well as the Puzzle-Platform genre. Secondly, the character gets trapped in an unknown world to escape the scene. Get ready to explore the unique environment for the completion of…

9. Little Nightmares II

Do you love playing Puzzle-Platform games with touchy plots and heart-pumping graphics? If so, here is a list of Best Games Like Little Nightmares 2. You would be surprised to know that the game has successfully achieved most of the positive reviews on all platforms and its rating on Steam is 10/10, amazing. It confirms that the game is free of glitches and a bad gaming experience. Following the footsteps of the first title, it features only Single-player mode and…