8 Apps Like Pared Pros

Pared Pros is a free business and commerce app developed by Pared, Inc. This app allows food and beverage professionals to find the best job for them easily. You can get part-time, full-time, or temporary hospitality jobs from this app. The app enables users to create their resume websites and highlight their abilities and skills.

After creating a personal resume, your network will leverage and get personalized job opportunities. Furthermore, this app lets you connect with food service professionals and learn about career opportunities. The users can expand their network on the app by finding and connecting with teammates, industry friends, and coworkers.


  • Find the best job
  • Create a personal resume website
  • Get personalized job opportunities
  • Connect with food service professionals
  • Expand network

Pared Pros Alternatives


1. Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex is a free recruitment and job seeker website on which you can find work across the UK. This website has a flexible schedule and enables people to choose where and when they want to work. The site provides instant job access so you can instantly get confirmation of your job shift. It is available 24/7 for its users so they can apply for the job whenever they want. You can find a range of work from this site…

2. Instawork

Instawork is a business and commerce website for finding staff for your business. With the help of this site, you can get nearby hourly workers for your business. This site allows people to get work according to their skills and abilities. This website provides multiple post shifts from which you can choose the shift according to schedule. This website provides workers with daily pay for completing work in time. Furthermore, the site provides 3% extra pay and cash bonuses for…

3. Upshift

Upshift is a free business and commerce website designed for both looking to hire and work. Using this site, people can hire staff hourly with complete reliability and predictability. From this site, workers can choose where and when they want to work. To use this site for hiring staff and choosing work, people must log in. You can log in to the site by adding your email id and password. Furthermore, this site pays you for the whole week's work…

4. WorkWhile

WorkWhile is a free business and commerce app developed by Workforce as a Service, Inc. With the help of this app, you can get access to on-demand and full-time jobs. This app allows you to get jobs that fit your schedule, abilities, and skills. Using this app, business owners can find and hire staff for their business. Furthermore, this site offers no complicated contracts, upfront costs, and hidden fees. The site enables business owners to set wages for each worker…

5. Shiftgig

Shiftgig is a free workforce technology using which gig workers can connect themselves with employers to get jobs. This site allows people to browse and find work according to their schedules and skills. With the help of this site, various staffing agencies can transform the way people work. This website lets agencies insight into their workers and focuses on coaching and strategic growth. Furthermore, this provides its users with payments on completing the shift. The payment provided by this app…

6. Presto

Presto is a free development tool and SQL query engine using which people can run SQL on various data sources. It runs analytic queries of all sizes like petabytes and gigabytes. This website provides you with high-volume apps and analytics at high speed. The site performs financial analysis for public markets, which is beneficial for businesses. Furthermore, this site is related to a database management system in which one coordinator node works with multiple other nodes. Presto has scalability, due…

7. Parked

Parked is a free parking website using which you can monetize your parking. With the help of this site, you can get paid parking and increase revenue for your real estate. Using this site, you can get revenue for parking your car hourly and monthly. This website manages and sells event parking for locations close to music events, stadiums, and Arenas. Furthermore, this site supports mobile payment so people can pay for parking cars via their mobiles. People must register…

8. GigSmart

GigSmart is a free business and commerce app developed by GigSmart, Inc. Using this app, you can easily get access to local jobs and gigs. This app allows you to find work according to your schedule and whenever you want. This app provides full/part-time positions, hourly shifts, and residential projects. Furthermore, this app provides work opportunities within different industries like food service, warehouse, retail, construction, and cleaning. To get work from this app, people have to create their profile and…