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LiveLeak is a free video hosting site that allows you to free host and share videos with just a single click. The site will enable you to host any size and kind of videos, including politics, war, movies, and others. Like other similar sites, LiveLeak also allows its users to save videos in private folders or share them publically to get real-time feedback.

All videos on this site consist of multiple categories, and each category has its own videos that you can watch and share with others. The site requires signup to save for sharing own videos with complete names, addresses, and passwords.

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  • Daily Update with Lots of New Videos
  • Private Folder
  • Easy To Understand Interface
  • Free for Everyone

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Leak.sx refers to the modern site that allows users to collect hundreds of thousands of public content. This platform can let its clients get every file free of cost, but they didn’t upload any of the files by themselves, so it didn’t host directly from their servers. It can even permit its customers to check all files, and if any of them leads to their work as copyright stealing, they can request them to delete it in no time. Leak.sx…


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