8 Apps Like Lightning

Lightning is an open-source & fast web browser developed by Anthony Restaino to enable smooth and secure browsing. Lightning Browser – Web Browser blocks ads from all your searches that improve the speed and security of your browsing. Furthermore, to provide fast speed and best performance, uses the Webkit rendering engine built into your android device. Users can change their theme using different modes like dark mode, light mode, color mode, and night mode.

Search your confidential information in incognito mode and don’t leave a footprint, or download Orbot and turn on TOR proxy support that masks your identification and hides your location. Just swipe left & right to access bookmarks and all open tabs quickly.


  • Simple Interface
  • More Privacy & Security
  • Search Suggestions
  • Efficient Browsing
  • Ad Blocking

Lightning Alternatives


1. Boat Browser

Boat Browser is an online mobile-based browser that provides its users an amazing premium web experience to customize all tools according to their requirements. Boat Browser is fully customizable, giving users a personalized experience to search and use services in their way. Enhance your browsing experience by installing add-ons from the available variety of add-ons. There is support for bookmarks, and you can also import, export, delete, create a new folder, and drag & drop bookmarked items. Swipe right to…

2. Instapaper

Instapaper is an online tool that provides a simple way to save articles, webpages, and other online content for later reading, either offline or online. Instapaper provides a beautiful easy-on-eye interface to read content easily and a responsive design to access on any device like a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Access articles, blogs, and webpages from anywhere you are without an internet connection. Users can add notes to an article, highlight quotes, change font, themes & spacing, and share them…

3. Smooz Browser

Smooz Browser is a simple and Gesture-centric browser with an intuitive interface to search, is secure to reduce risks and attacks, and is customizable according to your preferences. Smooz Browser has a unique feature that it controls all your actions with one hand and provides users a smooth browsing experience. Furthermore, users can hold a link to open a new tab in the background, swipe left & right to switch between tabs, pin tabs for easy access, and manage all…

4. FOSS Browser

FOSS Browser is an open-source browser that comes with one-hand handling, gesture control, and many other customizations where users can search for their required data and save it for later use. All elements are at the bottom of the screen, and users can set 20+ gestures to the toolbar and its buttons. These gestures can be in four directions and of various types, including loading the last website, reloading, opening bookmarks, switching between tabs, and many more. Users can back…

5. Slate

Slate is one of the efficient search tools that give you a personalized search experience and helps you to remember and capture anything you browse on the web. Create an account on Slate to get a more specific view and save all your favorite website links, embedded media, graphics, articles, and webpages to browse and read later. Furthermore, users can follow other slate users in a community to tag files and share collections of links with other users. Add tags…

6. WebSticker

Formerly StickerX, now WebSticker, is a Sticker app with a built-in browser that enables users to read and save content from articles, webpages, and other online sources by making stickers. WebSticker is a unique tool where you can search for your required material and make sticky notes for later reading and use. Furthermore, you can pin sticky notes to the home screen, create pages from saved sticky notes, change shapes, etc. There are various sticker formats, including Web Sticker, Text…

7. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is a Chrome Extension that provides users with distraction-free and clean content to access and read comfortably. Mercury Reader also removes ads from webpages and gives a beautiful reading view on any site with text, images, and videos. Furthermore, it is fully customizable in that you can change typeface, text size, spacing, and toggle between dark mode or light mode according to your needs. When all formatting is done, you can send articles to a Kindle device in…

8. Flynx

Flynx is an Online Browser application where users can read all web pages smartly and save them for later use. Flynx – Read the web smartly helps you load links, articles, and webpages from your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, etc., in the background while using these apps on the go. Flynx minimizes your time & extra effort and allows you to load articles from multiple apps and save them for offline reading. Furthermore, it comes with a…