17 ActivityWatch Alternatives

ActivityWatch is an Open-source Time Tracker Platform that enables you to keep track of your device usage automatically. It can be used to monitor your output, the amount of time

Tenta Browser

11 Sites Like Tenta Browser

Tenta Browser is a web browser that is now owned by Avast’s secure browser system. It is a popular company that is famous due to its multiple other services like


12 Omnivore Alternatives

Omnivore is an Open Source Read-it-Later Program that is specifically made for people who enjoy reading. It’s a distraction-free and privacy-focused platform that is intended for lifelong learners and knowledge


17 AcademicTorrents Alternatives

Connect with the largest database collection with AcademicTorrents. It is a wholesome directory full of dynamic learning material that you can adopt in order to boost your capabilities. It has


17 TheTorrentz Alternatives

TheTorrentz is a group or a large collection of web addresses to different torrent sites. These sites are about various media links and file support. Many users access this platform


17 Torrends Alternatives

Find exclusive Tor links for any media by using Torrends. Users who want a full library of direct download links to any file on the internet can use this platform.


19 TorrentDownload Alternatives

Access to multiple tor sites using TorrentDownload. It provides diverse support to access direct web addresses and different types of torrent portals. It shares new links with active sites daily.


16 TorrentZeta Alternatives

Access the most demanding links with TorrentZeta. It is a portal for people who want to download the most allusive content with multiple flagship features. You can use different platforms


18 Sites Like HoodaMath

Find the most casual games that you want online by using HoodaMath. Find out the best games that can increase your IQ and arithmetic abilities. There are several math problems


11 Sites Like Haystak

Try the most popular search engine for the dark web, known as Haystack, which allows the user to get automated results from thousands of authorized sites from the deep web.

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11 Sites Like Tor News

Find interesting blogs related to the Onion browser using Tor News. Various users globally write and publish informational and engaging posts that include various updates relative to new developments and


12 Sites Like DarkNetLive

Join DarkNetLive to be updated on recent highlights and updates on darknet. Various users who want a proper medium to know about all the moments in the marketplace and increments


11 Sites Like ProPublica

Find news with more privacy on ProPublica. Users who are interested in finding out the best relative information and news about various topics related to the surface and dark web


12 Sites Like Daniel

Try a diverse collection of dark web links using Daniel. It is a great collection of Torr links that allow you to access deep web platforms directly. You can try


11 Sites Like Deep Web Radio

Listen to unlimited audio streams on the dark web using Deep Web Radio. Users who often surf dark web platforms must use this service, which gives all users a genuine

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11 Sites Like Ahmia

Discover the hidden tools of the deep web using Ahmia, an automated search application comprising huge listings for various platforms. It is a simple stack of search engines that ordinarily

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10 Sites Like Hidden Wiki

Have complete access to various dark web directories and sites using Hidden Wiki, which is an open-source platform to handle links and content over the dark web, such as articles,


10 Sites Like OnionLinks

Various deep web links are listed on OnionLinks, which is a free site for users who want to open such links in order to practice deep web. There are several


10 Stores Like Dread

Join Dread to become a part of a community that talks about various darknet forums and other related things. Here, you can get the most exclusive data and news updates


10 Sites Like Tor Metrics

Find out various stats on the installation and usage of the Tor browser by using Tor Metrics. Developers use this site to learn about the average usage and popularity of


10 Sites Like SecureDrop

For communicating in a secure environment, various news firms use SecureDrop, which is a free and open-source supplication that works as a link between journalists and newspaper organizations. It gives