9 LibreTranslate Alternatives

LibreTranslate is an open-source translation API that helps to translate technical texts. It can be worked in the offline environment. It provides a text-to-speech service and translates into multi-languages. You can easily translate documents or image texts. You can also get online translation and download translated files. You can get different tools to manage the linguistic data which is used to build a machine translation system.

It provides real-time translation through which you can translate mechanical and technical text and complete files. It also provides online and offline dictionaries from where you can get the number of words and sentences to translate your data.


  • Real-time translation
  • Online translation
  • Document translation
  • Machine translation
  • Multi-languages
  • Dictionary
  • Game localization

Similar to LibreTranslate


1. Weblate

Weblate is a web-based translation tool that helps you to control integrations. It provides automatic linking to the source file, quality check, two user interfaces, and propagation of translations across the components. It provides an automated localization workflow that follows your project development closely. It helps you to make a quality check and improve your translation. It provides a place for fluent communication with all of your translators and tracks them easily. You can get detailed translation context from translation…

2. Apertium

Apertium is an open-source machine translation platform that helps to translate text into a related language. It provides a language-independent machine translation engine. You can get different tools to manage the linguistic data which is used to build a machine translation system. It also provides linguistic data for r growing number of language pairs. It always welcomes new developers, so you can develop your translation platform with its help of it. It helps to translate everything automatically. you can also…

3. QTranslate

QTranslate is a web translator that helps you to translate text into simple language. You can make text translations in any application. It also provides a speech and image text recognition feature that makes translation easy. You can also get online and offline dictionaries so you can easily translate any text. It also provides a spell check feature for no mistakes in translation. You can get the next word suggestion and auto-complete word and save your time. With the help…

4. POEditor

POEditor is a localization management platform that is easy to use and truly effective. You can translate your app, websites, games, or other software with your team or independently. It provides multiple ways of translations, you can choose between assigning translators or ordering translations. You can get real-time translations that make it easy for teams to collaborate. It has a smart memory translation feature which helps to reuse translations and reduce workload. It enables you to efficiently manage your localization…

5. Linguee

Linguee is a web translator that provides an online dictionary for several languages including bilingual sentence pairs. You can find translation engineers use for technical parts. You can easily learn how major law firms express authorized terms in different languages. Users can launch a targeted web search for translation and choose the best solutions. You can get a quick translation even before you have finished typing. You can learn punctuations you will be using like foreign languages. It provides an…

6. Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that helps to bring people, content, and technology together.  It helps to streamline localization management for your team and effectively manage all of your multilingual content. It provides a platform from which you can make your product multilingual, get a translator, and deploy complete translations automatically. You can watch your workflow in real-time, invite teammates and translators, assign tasks and generate the report with cooperation. It provides a place where you can discuss and modify…

7. Poedit

Poedit is a web translator that helps you to translate using gettext. You can easily manage files and templates with comprehensive safety checks. It’s a management platform that makes collaboration and breeze. You can access all of your projects and translate them directly from the app. It provides intelligent suggestions and pre-translation templates through which you can save time and get a quick translation. You can also share your translation memory with others.  It scans your codes and tracks changes…

8. Transifex

Transifex is a web-based translation platform that works globally.  You can frequently update your content and technical targeted projects. It also helps you to update software, documentation, and websites encouraging the automation of localization of workflow. You can centrally manage your source content, and translations and build an amazing digital experience. You can use your preferred file format to speed up localization. It provides a help center from where you can delight your users with multilingual self-service support. It also…

9. Mozilla Pontoon

Mozilla Pontoon is a web translator that requires little technical skills to use it. It has a team of localizers of each language, you can join one, find the project and start contributing. It provides different translation tools and helps you to bring all of your team’s localization tasks together in one place. All the services and functionality you need are integrated into a single platform. You can easily translate your web content and web pages and get a proofreader…