5 Flat Pyramid Alternatives

FlatPyramid is a crowd-sourced market where 3D model files can be sold. These files can be used in several different 3D programs that are used in a wide range of businesses. Advertising and marketing, making movies, TV shows, and other media, designing buildings and products, and making augmented reality products are all examples of this.

It saves time and money for 3d artists and 3d modelers by delivering stock and custom 3d models in the proper 3d file formats. Several file formats can be used to do this. It has an extensive collection of 3D models that include cars, buildings, characters, and tech gadgets, among other things, and is still growing.


  • Save money and time
  • Easy to understand
  • Quick and accurate visualization
  • Spot design and drawing errors

Alternatives to Flat Pyramid

1. LiveHome3D

Live Home 3D is available for both Mac and Windows. Anyone interested in interior design can use it. It lets you make 2D designs similar to CAD, and then you can move around in a 3D setting to see how the space will look and feel. Using the Roof Assistant, you can have any of the predefined roof styles automatically added to your structure. You can arrange and furnish a room using the 2D and 3D views. You can record…

2. Snaptrude

Snaptrude is an intelligent design tool for architects. Snaptrude turns a 2D floor plan drawing into a 3D Building Information Model (BIM) with one click. It is an automated and intelligent building information modeling system that makes it easier for people to work together in the cloud on building design. It is making way for groups that want to speed up the building design process by 10 to use automation and teamwork. It makes it easier to work together and…

3. Hearst Castle App

The innovative software works with iPads and has new information from Victoria Kastner, the State Historian of Hearst Castle. You can get the Hearst Castle app for your iPhone, Android, or iPad to see photos you've never seen before, read about the Castle's famous history, watch movies, and even listen to music from its heyday, whether you're at Hearst Castle or not. Turn on Explore mode to learn more about the beautiful art, buildings, and gardens you see as you…

4. Heymesh

Heymesh is a new web-based search engine that makes it easy for developers of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and video games to quickly find 3D models. It lets you look for 3D models on more than ten websites. They are using HeyMesh as an essential part of their content-making process. The 3D and CG models needed for virtual, augmented reality, and video games can be found. It's a service that lets people search on multiple content delivery sites…

5. Cadmapper

The website CADMapper may save architects, designers, and planners a lot of time by automatically making three-dimensional data for more than 200 cities worldwide. Other programs like AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhino, and Illustrator can use CADMapper. If architects and city planners use Cadmapper, they might be able to spend a lot less time on drawing tasks that are the same over and over again. It have complete DXF files for more than 200 cities, and areas up to 1 km2 are…