Beaver Notes

19 Sites Like Beaver Notes

Beaver Notes is a note-taking application that allows people to save their notes on multiple categories or topics. It comes up with numerous advanced features that take the notes-keeping process


11 Sites Like Spline

Spline is an online platform where people can create multiple ranges of 3d designs and much more. It is an advanced platform that is trusted by various popular platforms like

Buildai Website

23 Buildai Website Alternatives

Buildai Website is an AI-based website building platform that reduces the working of developers by giving them multiple objects of ready-made websites. It covers all the complex tasks for developers,


11 LSPosed Alternatives

LSPosed is an Android application that comes up with extraordinary features through which users can make multiple customizations in their mobile phones by using various programs. It offers various customization

Tailwind UI

11 Tailwind UI Alternatives

Tailwind UI is a popular online platform which provides multiple range of components and templates for various categories of projects. People can make multiple changes in components according to their

Tailwind CSS

11 Tailwind CSS Alternatives

Tailwind CSS is a CSS framework which allows developers to create multiple range designs in a quick manner. It comes up with predefined classes that help in making various designs,


11 DaisyUI Alternatives

DaisyUI is one of the popular online tailwind CSS component platforms that enables all the components that are essential in user interfaces. It allows a wide range of pre-designed components


11 Landingfolio Alternatives

Landingfolio is a popular extensive online library that enable with multiple components, templates and much more related to user interfaces. It mainly got popular due to providing the best landing

Mamba UI

11 Mamba UI Alternatives

Mamba UI is an online platform which provides multiple UI components for various types of projects. It helps people in making their multiple web applications modern and attractive by using

Tailwind Elements

11 Tailwind Elements Alternatives

Tailwind Elements is an online open-source UI kit which enables users with more than 500 UI components. It allows you to access all the best items with the best designs

Meraki UI

11 Meraki UI Alternatives

Meraki UI is a modern platform which provides multiple categories of UI components with attractive and modern designs. It provides multiple UI components that help people in making their multiple

Artful Home

31 Sites Like Artful Home

Artful Home is an Art and Clothing Platform that provides juried art, crafts, and design for your Home and clothing. You can browse the collection of over 20,000 original items

Online Ceramics

15 Sites Like Online Ceramics

Online Ceramics is an Online Clothing Platform founded in 2016 by Alix Ross and Elijah Funk that enables users to shop for clothes according to their choice. You can filter

Progress Kendo UI

11 Progress Kendo UI Alternatives

Progress Kendo UI is an online platform that provides an online library of unlimited JavaScript components for user interfaces. It provides bundles of 4 main JavaScript libraries, which include jQuery,

Preline UI

11 Preline UI Alternatives

Preline UI is a large library of multiple pre-built components that allow users to make their website attractive and responsive in multiple ways. It enables with the best components that

hyper ui

11 Hyper UI Alternatives

Hyper UI is a free online CSS components library that enables multiple categories of components which is suitable for a range of projects. It shows all of their components on


12 Vestaboard Alternatives

Vestaboard is an advanced messaging display system that users can paste onto their home and office walls. It is a modern way of displaying messages on walls; it allows users


4 Sites Like is an online platform which allows users to create online cards for their loved ones. Users can create multiple categories of cards online and can send them to their


15 IcePanel Alternatives

IcePanel is a Collaborative Diagramming Tool that enables users to ensure that the product and software engineering teams align on technical decisions. It thoroughly explains the system to all stakeholders


14 BookWidgets Alternatives

BookWidgets is an application which is specially created for teacher to improve their students IQ in multiple ways. It allows teachers to create multiple range of activities or assignments to


15 Sites Like MyMood

MyMood is a mobile application which works on artificial intelligence to covert images in multiple ways. People can use their faces to get professional images for themselves for multiple purposes.