14 PlanRadar Alternatives

PlanRadar is a Real Estate Management Software founded by Clemens Hammerl, C Kock, Domagoj Dolinsek, Ibrahim Imam, and Sander Rijdt

13 Games Like KallaX

KallaX is a 3D team-based furniture-building game that helps players increase their productivity by playing games. KallaX allows only one

14 Games Like Mall Craze

Mall Craze is a simulation, building, and management-based game that allows players to build and take care of their own

12 Games Like Planet Zoo

Create a wildlife world in Planet Zoo. Experience the most realistic gameplay with the Zoo’s construction and management features. Create

12 Games Like Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a 3D realistic Management and Construction Simulation game developed by Frontier Developments. Experience delight, surprise, and trill

12 Games Like Prison Architect

Only the most ruthless warden can keep the most ruthless prisoners. Prison Architect is a top-down 2D Construction and Management

12 Games Like Sim City 2013

Sim City 2013 is a 3D City-building Simulation Online game by Maxis Emeryville. You can play it in Single-player and

12 Games Like Pocket City

Pocket City is a free Management and City Building game for mobile developed by Codebrew Games. Make your strategy and

12 Games Like Theotown

Theotown is a free City Building Simulation game developed by blueflower. You can create your city and build roads and

12 Games Like Project Highrise

Project Highrise is a Paid 2D City Building and Management Simulation game developed by SomaSim. Act like an architect and

12 Games Like Anno 1800

Welcome to the beginning of the industrial age, where you will define the world of your choice. Anno 1800 is

12 Games Like Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus is a dinosaur zoo where you will manage and construct their land and take care of all the dinosaurs

12 Games Like Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is an Open-world City Building Simulation video game developed by Haemimont Games. The game takes place in red

12 Games Like Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines is a Single-player, Construction, and Management Simulation game with open-ended gameplay. You will start with the plot of

11 Games Like Mindustry

Mindustry is a paid strategy, building, and construction video game developed by AnukenDev. In this game, the player has to

11 Games Like Automation empire

Automation Empire is a paid simulation, construction, action, and strategy video game developed by DOG HOGGLER. In this game, the

11 Games Like Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a paid construction, puzzle, and building video game developed by Zachtronics. This game is set in the sandbox