Top Apps Like Harlem Shake Booth

Harlem Shake Booth is an enjoyable Android iOS application that allows you to create Elf videos and share it with friends quickly. The application features a massive range of entertaining stuff that makes your dancing videos more attractive.

With this, you can also be able to transform your image into an amazing animation. You need to take or upload an image from your gallery, choose if effects and hit the create button. Within a minute, your video is ready to share.

Crazy Flamenco Dance

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The Christmas Movie Card

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Dance Bootha

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Dance With Santa

[post-content id=8048 excerpt_length = 40]

Super Dance Elf Christmas Classic

[post-content id=8031 excerpt_length = 40]

Dance With Santa 3D Free

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Christmas Movie Card

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[post-content id=8028 excerpt_length = 40]

iFunFace – Create Funny Videos

[post-content id=8027 excerpt_length = 40]

Elf Dance: Fun for Yourself

[post-content id=8026 excerpt_length = 40]


[post-content id=8025 excerpt_length = 40]

Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker

[post-content id=8052 excerpt_length = 40]

Funny Dance

[post-content id=8051 excerpt_length = 40]

ElfYourself by Office Depot

[post-content id=8050 excerpt_length = 40]

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