Top Alternatives To Pastebin

The set of Pastebin alternative websites has been constituted after some healthy research. Most of these sites will end up being of great help for you personally if your job is to manage long lines of coding day in and day out.

With your options, you can amass your text on the Internet for a specific time, and you can then share it with others who’re working with you. Such websites have been around for quite a while now, but the one question itself arrived on the scene in 2002.

A glance across the Internet space reveals that there is always a wide range of other such tools that can be had a go at by users. Each one of these has its unique offerings besides the primary function of storing text online, of course. We’ve gathered a number of them here, for you to be able to pick those that suit you best.

Here’s a list of Top Alternatives To Pastebin.


This site includes a fortification of sorts, as it grants client-side encryption for your texts. This creates a safer environment, particularly for those who’re working with sensitive data. ZeroBin proffers you the kind of protection wherein the website itself doesn’t know whatsoever of the information of one’s shared text snippets.

You may rest assured that your data will be protected even in the event of a server breach or seizure. It features a dimension limiting of 2MB per paste and boasts of a function that’s able to encrypt/decrypt important computer data in the browser using 256 bits AES.

The next entry to your compilation of sites like Pastebin is an online application called Chop. This little tool is essentially a code review app that includes been crafted to allow web developers or developers to share snippets of code along with annotations fairly.

You can enter bits of code, and then obtain a formatted little bit of it, with syntax-highlighting done keeping with the language you choose. Moreover, you may also utilize the website to add feedback to your pasted code before sharing it.

Produced by ZURB, this page was built using Backbone.js, a platform that ‘supplies structure to JavaScript-heavy applications.’ This implies that pages load faster when it comes to annotating parts of the tool.

Snipt offers long-term memory for coders. It may be employed for managing code snippets or portions of code which can be reused by you or by others. After you create an account on the internet site, you are free to work with it to upload your code and store it there for future access.

It is most useful through the writing of codes that are difficult to concoct from scratch. Besides, its homepage is flooded with several already-created codes that can be browsed through and shared. A big community is there to aid you on Snipt with their sample codes.

Codepad is probably among the simplest of the sites, much like Pastebin out there. It presents you with a straightforward webpage that kicks in a textbox, a checkbox for selecting languages, and a choice to make it private in addition to choosing whether to run the code or not.

You can make your project pages on the website, letting you’ve a subdomain having its local history of recent pastes.

The initial quality of dPaste is that it enables you to quickly share pieces of one’s code with multiple people. On pasting it, you are immediately presented with a URL as a possible share. Your website has been designed with a grayscale look that is believed by its makers to make the colorized source code stand out.

Another one of its attributes includes holding cookie-based personal defaults, which eliminates extra form widgetry. And its automatic expiry function ensures that the database is never full.

Hastebin is an excellent treat to the eyes, aside from being a useful tool, of course. Its simple graphical user interface makes it quite an effortless activity to paste stuff and save it from procuring an original URL for sharing with friends.

It may be noted that everything that you paste will stay there for 30 days from your last view. Furthermore, it may be easily installed behind your network and used as an open-source solution.

Code Vault acts as storage for code snippets with syntax highlighting and sharing ability. It grants users a function to preview their pasted codes. Apart from the website, it can also be accessed through its Google Chrome extension, which can be acquired to download now through the browser’s web store. This penultimate entry to your collection of sites like Pastebin is powered by the Erlang & Chicagoboss framework.

This application does involve some exclusive features up its sleeves. It acts as an online compiler and debugging tool, enabling you to compile and run code online in a lot more than 40 programming languages. Christened following the Italian word for ‘great ideas,’ Ideone also offers you the ability to edit the source code, despite execution.

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