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The Wonder Weeks is a baby-advice guidebook app produced by two Dutch scholars, Dr. Frans X. Plooij and Dr. Frans X. Plooij. This book app teaches the parents how to plan and learn about their child’s first two years of life during the developmental stages. There are ten cycles from the fifth week of birth to around 17 months of age. Each stage of a baby’s development marks a change in their growth and specific abilities that can be learned once their brain has matured to a particular extent.

Furthermore, it is also a collection of information regarding how babies develop and what parents may do to assist them. A Wonder Week is one approach to explaining how all babies develop quickly and pass through many physical and mental phases.

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  • Brain Development
  • Help during leap
  • Parents insight changes
  • Development phase

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Pregnancy Tracker-BabyCenter app allows you to select a date for a pregnancy or a child's birthday to obtain a personalized weekly calendar with a daily dose of development-related information. This app teaches mom on a day-by-day journey of pregnancy and everything she needs to know to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  After delivery, It assists mothers and parents for the first year. The company realizes that young parents are engaged, tired, and require extra time to look at their children with affection. As…

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Growth-Baby and Child Charts keep track of standard metrics as a child develop and grows. These are color-coded charts for boys and girls depending on characteristics such as brain size, gravity, strength, and many others. The World Health Organization specifies the hues for statistical charts for boys (blue) and girls (pink) from 0 to 6 months, which can be found by clicking on colors. On a statistics chart, parents can see the percentile ratings for any size or form of…

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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE was designed by Heidi Murkoff, the founder of What to Expect, which is the globe's best pregnancy and parental app. This app is developed in partnership with a group of award-winning writers, publishers, doctors, and other professionals in pregnant and parenthood care. It helps through every step of your parenting journey, from pregnancy to your child's first years. You can get daily personal guidance material, and health information, and access deep connections by providing information like your…

4: Kinedu

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Kinedu is a smartphone software that helps parents and families to maintain a proper creativity active and healthy lifestyle for their children aged 0 to 4 years old. There are over 1,600 activities and 300 development goals that are based on ECD research and appropriate for the youngster. It is a fantastic, well-designed piece of software that offers daily exercise recommendations as well as articles on personal growth. It also includes a comprehensive development diagnostic as well as a daily workout routine…

The Bump is a platform where you can obtain accurate, convenient information about pregnant signs from experts and biologists, as well as check for updates on the baby's health condition. You can also get a report about your baby's condition and provide additional guidance and information each week during your pregnancy. Furthermore, with 3D visualization, the parents may see and compare their child's development in the womb, allowing you to share your newborn's growth with family members and friends. You may read…

Baby Connect is the most comprehensive baby tracking program on the market, allowing parents to easily share information about their children by downloading the app to their phones. Through this app, the parents can get graphs and moving charts, weekly averages, medicines, and other statistical data. Users can download the app on their new phones if they move phones. The complete history will be synced to the new device if you log in with an existing Baby Connect account. The…

Sprout Baby (BABY TRACKER) is the first GPS-enabled baby tracker program that includes information in pdf format on breastfeeding, resting, health, medicine, and developmental disabilities. With a health tracker, you can keep a record of your symptoms, fever, prescriptions, illnesses, and health records all in one location. It is not necessary to create an account to download and use it. The developmental tracker collects maturity level milestones and developmental phases for newborn babies.  You can use real-time data syncing across devices…

8: Glow


Glow-the Baby is a non-profit corporation that provides facilities to track female and male fertility, pregnancy, period, and sexual wellness. Parents can use this software to keep track of their children's major developmental stages, such as the first moment he or she lifts their head, holds both hands, smiles, makes eye contact, sits up, and so on. The main benefit is that it may be used by both parents, not just the mom, allowing another person to help with milestone…

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log app keeps track history of your nursing, bottle-feeding, pumping sessions, and eating history. Through this app, you can track your baby's everyday routines, nutrition, and schedule. The most important features are baby activities logger and monitor, as well as a nursing timer, a sleep timer, a nappy record, a growth chart, and facts on medicine, weather, and immunizations. Moreover, it is designed for working parents who want to keep track of their child's sleep. This app allows…

Hatch Baby is a platform that allows you to design daily routines with one-touch sleep, bedtime, and woke programs. A baby hatch or baby box is a location where people (mainly mothers) can bring their newborn kids and secretly deposit them in a safe place where they will be found care. Furthermore, the smart sleep suite is designed to assist people of all ages and stages in developing and maintaining natural, healthy sleeping habits. It encourages parents to regard one another…

Pathfinder is a global non-profit international organization founded in Watertown, Massachusetts. It includes sexual care, family welfare, HIV/AIDS prevention programs, and prenatal care provides the information, abilities, and responsibility to make critical choices about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The top priority is to engage with governments and civil societies to ensure that women and girls have access to safe abortion, post-abortion care, and post-abortion protection. The company works with local companies to support condoms, abortion care, and young women's…


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