The Basics of Horse Racing Betting

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The betting on horse races dates back to the beginning of horse-running programs and games. Knowing what to bet on and beating the odds can make betting on horse races profitable and fun.

However, if you are new to this horse betting game and want to know the basics of horse racing betting, you should start reading this basic guide. It can be tricky and tough to make the right bet at the beginning, but with the proper guide, you can ace this game and gain a lot of profit

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There are the following things that you must consider before starting your horse-betting journey:

Perfect method of Betting on Horse Races

Most often, horse betting is not considered a very complicated or hard-working process. When you bet on horseracing, it typically does not take long to get your ticket, place your bet, and tear it up if your prediction does not come true.

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However, there can be another possibility – you win the bet and collect your reward from the window by using your ticket. However, the outcome of the whole process depends upon your preparation and knowledge about horse racing.

There are the following steps involved in the horse racing betting procedure:

  • Start by stating the name of the specific racetrack
  • Your bet should state the number of the race.
  • Do not forget to state the dollar unit of your bet
  • Your bet should also state the type of wager
  • Depending on your betting preference, you can place a wager on different options, including one horse to win, place or show, or a combination of horses.
  • You should explain the number of horses you are thinking of using.
  • Make sure to double-check your ticket after getting it from the window and ensure it has all the correct information before leaving the window. If you encounter anything wrong with your ticket, take the necessary actions before starting the race.

Horse Racing Parlay Bets: how to Make One

Considering a day at the racetrack with your friends to wager on horses? Organizing a group show parlay gives everyone in your party a chance to wager on horse races.

How does this Betting Actually Work?

Basically, everyone contributes $5 to the pot, and it’s pooled. In the group, each person picks a race and a horse to show. The first bet will be placed, and you will parlay the winnings on the next race and horse if you win. This method of playing and betting can prove pretty profitable, especially if you win the bet.

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Betting Tools you Need to Invest at the Horse Races

At the racetrack, you need a few items to make your betting experience more enjoyable. Even though binoculars can be useful for watching your favorite horse cross the finish line, the following tools are even more useful for placing your wager:

The Daily Racing Form

All the horses running on the day’s program are listed in the DRF as their past performances. There are also interesting horse racing articles and handicapping forecasts from the DRF.

Public Handicapper Selections

It is possible that your local newspaper will pay a handicapper to select horses each day for your racetrack or OTB (off-track betting).

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Racetrack Program

The racetrack program consists of all the necessary information about the players participating in the game. In the case of horse racing betting, the players could be the horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners. The cost of it consists of 5 to 7 dollars.

Considerable Facts and Tips for Horse Racing Betting

Horse races are notoriously unpredictable, and it’s hard to predict who will win. Every player wants to put himself in the best position possible to win when he bets on horse races.

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These are the following tips, facts, and statistics that will help you make the right decision in horse racing betting:

  • Ninety percent of all races run at the meet are won by riders in the top ten of the jockey standings.
  • Most of the time, favorite horses win with just about a 33 percent winning percentage, even though the payouts are low.
  • Almost every race track has a television commentator who provides handicapping commentary between each race that is simulcast. You may want to listen to the radio and see if any good betting tips can be picked up.
  • On the morning line, you won’t find a horse that the track’s odds makers believe will win the race. It is a tentative idea or a prediction of how the public is going to bet on the race and how it will turn out. If you’re looking for a way to make money playing overlays with zero risk, you can simply play a few dollars on horses that are going off at odds about two to three times those of their morning line.