Top Four Best Casino Games for New Players

This post will break down the five most popular and generic casino games you are likely to find at a casino online or in person. When gambling, it is essential to understand the game you are playing entirely, whether that’s the odds, probability of winning, or basic rules; it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the game you’re playing before you decide to stake anything.


Blackjack is the casino version of the popular card game pontoon or 21. The game aims to beat the dealer by drawing a hand value that is higher than the dealer’s hand. You always begin with two cards, and the best hand you can get is 21; however, anything over this value causes you to be bust and immediately loses you the hand.

A common misconception to be aware of is that the other players’ hands matter to you. Remember, the only person you aim to beat is the dealer, and everyone else is irrelevant in terms of winning.

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American Roulette is arguably the most popular game on this list, which is down to how straightforward it is to play. The game is 100% luck based and requires you to stake a bet on red or black, with near enough a 50% chance of winning. At Neon Casino, players can play roulette and bet on the number landing being odd or even, above or below 19, or even the exact number, of which there are 38 to choose from.


You’ll never fail to see a slot machine at an online or land-based casino. Again, slots are very simple to play and allow you to sit back and watch the action unfold. You can get different slots, including Megaways and Slingo variations, luck-based games.

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The best feature about slots is the variety of games on offer because pretty much all niches and genres you could imagine are covered by a type of slot game. This makes them an appealing game for all casino enthusiasts.



Everybody has heard of poker and key terms such as ‘royal flush’ and ‘three of a kind; however, it is surprising how few people know the game’s full rules. There are too many rules to be covered to go into depth in this post, but the game’s main aim is to acquire as many chips as possible. This is done by winning rounds with the best possible card combinations, such as straights and flushes, and it is your role to determine your chances of winning each hand.

Out of all of the games on here, poker requires the most skill by far. Knowing and calculating the pot odds of each hand will help elevate you above your opponents. Of course, elements of luck come into play, but poker is a game that can be mastered. You can also check out the list of “Poker Games Like Red Dead Redemption” we have compiled.