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Tarot: Inspiring Creativity in Writing and Art

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Creativity is a god-gifted skill, but having a tool that unlocks your imagination and deepens your understanding of yourself could polish it. Tarot cards can be that tool. You can smooth your creative journey using tarot cards, as they serve as a rich source of inspiration for artists, writers, and musicians. You must choose a trusted and well-recognized tarot reading platform like Tarotoo.

This article will explore how to use tarot to ignite your creativity, build unique characters, explore intricate themes, solve creative blocks, and even delve into self-reflection.

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The Basics of Tarot

To start with, understanding the basics of tarot is crucial. A regular tarot deck has 78 cards. These are divided into two big groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana features 22 cards that symbolize major life themes like growth, change, and discovery. For example, iconic cards like The Fool represent new beginnings, and The Empress embodies fertility and nurturing.

On the other hand, the Minor Arcana has 56 cards split into four groups: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. These cards talk about everyday life but are still really useful for getting creative ideas. You can find new inspiration for your creative projects by thinking about colorful imagery and themes.

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How to Use Tarot Cards?

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So, how exactly can you use tarot cards to stir your artistic soul? One effective way is to draw a random card from the deck and use its image and symbolism as a starting point. For instance, if you draw the Sun card, its imagery could inspire a painting filled with light or writing focused on optimism and new beginnings.

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Whether you’re looking for a fresh plot idea, a character trait, or even the mood for your following composition, the tarot can provide unique prompts to turn the wheels of creativity. Here are some easy examples to give you some inspiration:

How to Use Tarot Cards for Creating Story Characters?

Tarot cards can be a great help in developing characters for your piece of writing. You can draw cards representing your characters’ personalities, motives, or conflicts. Imagine pulling the Knight of Cups for your main character. This could mean that he is a dreamy, emotional individual driven by his heart rather than his head.

Moreover, you can also use tarot spreads designed explicitly for character development. These spreads can give you insights into your characters’ pasts, fears, strengths, and what drives them forward in the narrative.

How Do You Use Tarot Cards to Explore the Story’s Themes?

Themes are the soul of any artistic endeavor. Whether penning a story, composing music, or creating visual art, underlying themes give your work resonance and depth. To explore themes with tarot, you can create custom spreads focusing on specific subjects like love, betrayal, or personal growth. Draw cards to represent various aspects of the theme you are interested in.

For example, if you’re exploring the theme of ‘love’, the Lovers card can represent romantic love, while the Ten of Cups may signify familial love. The Five of Cups could symbolize lost love or regret. Through this, tarot allows you to explore your themes from multiple angles, offering a rich palette of ideas to infuse into your creative work.

How to Use Tarot Cards as a Problem-Solving Art?

Tarot can serve as an excellent tool for overcoming problems in more creative ways. When you hit a wall in your creative process, draw a card focusing on your issue. The card might offer a perspective or solution you hadn’t considered before. For instance, drawing the Wheel of Fortune could indicate that the obstacle is temporary and that embracing change could be how to move forward.

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Additionally, you could draw multiple cards in a spread format to dissect the problem from various angles. This multi-card approach could provide a more nuanced understanding of the blockage, revealing underlying issues and potential pathways to resolve them.

How Can You Use Tarot Cards for Self-Reflection?

You can also use Tarot cards for self-reflection, which can help boost your creative ideas surprisingly. By understanding yourself better, you gain insights into your unique creative style and what drives you. Regular self-reflection using tarot can help you remain connected to your inner self, making your art more authentic and resonant.

In addition to using single cards for quick insights, you can also use more elaborate tarot spreads for more profound self-examination. Spreads like the Celtic Cross can offer a comprehensive view of your current emotional and mental state and how these inner workings could influence your creative output.

By adding these insights to your self-reflective practice, you become more self-aware and enrich your artistic work with more profound emotional complexity and nuance.


Tarot is a versatile tool that can enrich your creative life in unimaginable ways. Incorporating tarot into your creative practice opens the door to endless inspiration, complex characters, compelling themes, solutions to creative hurdles, and profound self-insight.