Soulver 3

8 Apps Like Soulver 3

Soulver 3 is an education app, online service, and tool developed by Zac Cohan. This app is specially designed to perform calculations and take notes on notepads. The calculations you


8 Apps Like Calca

Calca is a calculation app, online service, and tool developed by Krueger Systems, Inc. On this app, you can calculate fractions and solve various difficult questions. With the help of


10 Sites Like BGPView

BGPView is an online platform and a toolkit that allows you to debug and investigate information about IP addresses, prefixes, domain names, and ASNs according to your requirements. This simple


19 Sites Like Blingee

Blingee is an online platform that provides users access to beautiful photos with their photo editor tool according to their needs and charm. This platform provides valuable editing features that


9 Sites Like Amazing Marvin

Amazing Marvin is a management website and tool developed to manage workflows strategically. With the help of this app, you can not only manage your work with strategy but also


8 Apps Like Akiflow

Akiflow is a productivity app and tool developed by Akiflow for task organization. This app helps and assists its users in organizing all their tasks. On this app, you can

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19 Sites Like Bookmax

Bookmax is an online bookmark creation, management, and editing tool. This site features a wide variety of tools, along with bookmarking, and helps you express yourself with additional attachments like

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17 Sites Like Froyz

Get quick and unlimited likes, shares, and followers by Froyz. This site will make you popular within seconds by providing followers and likes. It has many social media services like


16 Sites Like Ookla

Ookla is a free internet performance evaluation site. With their rapid servers and accurate measuring API, get precise internet speed measurement. Its expressive UI features a real-time speed meter. This


14 Sites Like Imgsed (Imginn)

Imgsed (Imginn) is a secret Instagram access tool that allows you to see any post or profile without providing personal information. This is like an incognito type of Instagram that


11 AtHome Video Streamer Alternatives

AtHome Video Streamer is a real-time video transmission software solution for online monitoring of CCTV cameras. It is a very advanced tool for video surveillance and offers a wide range


11 MotionEye Alternatives

MotionEye is a motion monitoring and detection tool. It is quite a handy video surveillance tool with diverse compatibility and a simple UI. A super-integrated tool can do a variety


11 Unifi Video Alternatives

Unifi video is a frontend video surveillance solution for the Unifi security ecosystem. It is a well-integrated, highly efficient service that lets you get real-time live video from multiple cameras.


11 Shinobi Alternatives

Shinobi is an open-source software for CCTV streaming and recording. It is a top-rated video surveillance solution because of its simple and easy functionality. This software supports a wide range


11 Motion Alternatives

Motion is a free video surveillance system developed for Linux-based operating systems. It is the best CCTV monitoring solution for a Linux user. Because of its highly configurable database, it


11 Sighthound Video Alternatives

Sighthound Video is a well-developed DVR software. Its unique software and app help you watch, operate, and stay alert. Its easy setup makes it more efficient with its intelligent configuration


11 tinyCam Monitor Alternatives

tinyCam Monitor is an application for controlling and operating various types of surveillance cameras. Its well-developed mobile application is prevalent because of its user-friendly interface and supports a variety of


11 Yawcam Alternatives

Yawcam or Yet Another Webcam is an online surveillance platform to display, save, and organize CCTV videos. It is developed for Windows platforms. It is entirely casual to use. It


11 ZoneMinder Alternatives

ZoneMinder is a free open-source—CCTV software developed for Linux OS. It helps you access, monitor, record, and capture video on any surveillance camera. It is an advanced surveillance software packed


11 Lottielab Alternatives

Lottielab is an online website that helps users create and edit their products’ animations by making them more attractive and cool. This platform provides designing tools that bring your website


11 Witeboard Alternatives

Whiteboard is an online text editor board that provides digital tools to emphasize visual thinking and freeform content creation. This platform lets users write, draw, and insert images freely and