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SwitchResX is one of the best utility designed for macOS users to done multiple operations related to their display properties and much more. It allows users to manage their display settings in multiple ways and can control all the operations related to their displays. 

It comes up with multiple features through which users can make multiple customization in their display, people can customize the resolution of their screens. People can apply the resolutions that are not supported by their screens and people can attach multiple monitors to their systems. It enables with multiple customizations like refresh rate, color depths, and much more. 

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It allows users to set multiple resolutions for multiple displays according to their needs. people can arrange all of their displays in multiple ways and people can arrange their displays according to their multiple operations. It allows people to set different resolutions for different applications which enhance the user experience. 

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It comes up with an easy interface that allows users to make any change even without having advanced knowledge about it. It provides all the details about how it works on its official website. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our site listing the best alternative to SwitchResX.


  • Offers multiple features.
  • Customizable resolution.
  • Easy to connect with the display.
  • Users can play with mirrored images.
  • Provides multiple resolution options.

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