10 Dual Monitor Taskbar Alternatives

Dual Monitor Taskbar is an application that acts as an expander for that bar of the running content and enables the user to monitor all of them at the same time.

This platform has various tools that are easy to use after the set up been completed as it doesn’t need any special requirements other than a secondary monitor is attached to the system.

The dual monitor’s taskbar detects the multiple screen setup automatically and starts to work according to the saved settings. The user allows activating the mirror mode which shows all the running apps on both screens at the same time.


  • Taskbar on the second monitor
  • Pinned programs
  • Aero support
  • Window manager
  • Mirror mode
  • Auto-Hide
  • Notification area
  • Start Button (BETA)

Similar to Dual Monitor Taskbar


1. DisplayFusion

DisplayFusion is software that makes the user experience to his dual, triple, or more monitors working smoothly and with ease. With the help of this platform, users can add a taskbar to each monitor that is attached to it, and then this will look like the Windows Taskbar. The user can take advantage of various tools including the support of advanced multi-monitor wallpapers, integration of Flickr for searching the images, and customizable keys for window management. DisplayFusion is available in…

2. Rectangle

Rectangle is the software that comes with the movement and resizing of the windows on mac OS with shortcut keys. This platform is a window management system entirely based on the iconSpectacle which is the small spectacle, iconApple Swift written in small Apple swift, etc. The user can allow using MAS Shortcut which is a well-sustained open-source library in mac OS applications for recording the shortcuts instantly and with ease. Rectangle cuts down the number of bugs that are present…

3. Aquasnap

Aquasnap is a window manager that helps the user to organize and arrange various applications on his desktop with ease. The platform allows to access maximum multitasking, mainly if the user has a high-resolution or a multi-monitor setup. With the help of window docking, users can split the screen into 2, 3, or 4 parts and adjust the layout of the screen to fit the needs. It offers the window snapping to the user, which allows him to align the…

4. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools is a package of software that helps the user having dual or multiple monitor setups. This platform offers the user to access all the tools which are open-sourced and some are free to use. Each tool present in the system is independent so users just have to install or run the product as they want. In addition to that, it comes with a set of keyboard shortcuts that allows the user to move and resize the windows…

5. WinDock

WinDock is a software of the windows manager which is ideal to control the multi-monitor setups easily. This platform has intuitive drag-and-drop action that simplifies the movement and resizes Windows. The user can allow to use highly customizable rules that specify his will of setting the behavior of windows. In addition to that, it has multiple rule profiles and layouts which can be created easily by the user and can switch them instantly. WinDock also comes with various IT management…

6. UltraMon

UltraMon is a utility program for multi-monitor systems that is designed to enhance the productivity of the system. It can unlock the complete potential of all the monitors connected to it. This platform can expeditiously move and then maximize all windows across the desktop. UltraMon can also manage more applications with the help of various tools including the Smart Taskbar, positioning of application in a controlled way, etc. With the help of shortcuts, multi-monitor support the wallpapers and screen savers…

7. BetterSnapTool

BetterSnapTool is a platform that offers the user to mimic Windows 7's Aero snap tool. It allows users to easily manage the position and size of windows by dragging them to one of the screen’s corners or the top, left, or right side of the window's screen. This tool will let you maximize the windows or position each of them side by side instantly. This platform comes with the supporting tool of the hidden dock, multiple monitors, and much more.…

8. ZBar

ZBar is a solution software for the user having multiple monitors and to use them at the same time. This platform can only allow the window to put the taskbar at the bottom in one of the monitors attached, and even though the user can move the window to the other monitor. The availability of the taskbar button for the windows can help the user to manage all the task assessments instantly. ZBar also provides keyboard shortcuts that allow moving…

9. nVidia Quadro View

nVidia Quadro View is an application that can effectively manage the user’s desktop system. With the help of this desktop management software, professional users gain maximum results and have complete control over a single or multiple sets of monitors for a better display. This platform can provide a variety of set of tools to navigate through the whole system’s information resulting in reducing the lost time while enhancing the productivity of the user. nVIDIA Quadro View also comes with an…

10. WindowSpace

WindowSpace is a desktop enhancement software for managing widescreens and multi-monitor systems. After installation of this software, it allows the user to manipulate the windows in various ways including the windows snapping to the screen edges and the other windows, moving or resizing the windows with shortcuts available for the keyboard, vertically or horizontally maximization, pin the other windows, hiding other windows from the view, minimize them to tray so that they wouldn’t interrupt the working window, and much more.…