11 Apps Like Stickman Basketball 2017

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Stickman Basketball 2017 is a free Multiplayer Sports game developed by Djinnworks GmbH. Choose your favorite team and experience the most wonderful Stickman game with 30+ different teams, all have their kit and many different amazing courts.

Make your strategy to shoot and pass and make a 3-pointer shoot to a slam dunk. It gives you multiple Seasons and Modes like Quick game, Pro career mode, Tutorial, and a Party Mode for fun. Different Tournaments, Cups, and WBCBL teams around the world.

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Enjoy Smooth Animations, Stunning Gameplay, Easy Control, Crazy War Action, and Replays. Take part in different Events and Seasons to rank up your team. Edit your team with different stuff, unlock different contents like Dunks, Players, and Balls, and play easily with Automatic and Manual running options.


  • Free Multiplayer Sports game
  • Multiple modes and levels
  • Choose your team
  • 30+ different teams
  • Different amazing courts
  • Seasons, Events, and Tournaments
  • Edit your team
  • Smooth Animations
  • Stunning Gameplay
  • Easy Control
  • Crazy War Action
  • Replays
  • Automatic and Manual running options

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Mini Basketball is a free Ultimate Sports game developed by Miniclip.com. Experience the most excited, easy to play, and enjoyable basketball game. It is a casual game in which you can make the dream team of your choice and roar the crowd on the field. No wastage of time, just pick your players and go straight into the action. Original and attractive arenas and courts that will be bigger and more impressive as you move forward in your career. Moreover,…

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NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game is a free Real-time PVP Online Sports game developed by 2K, Inc. It offers you a great experience of authentic plays and action with real basketball legends like Kobe Bryant, Damian Lillard, Michael Jordan, and others. Make your dream legend team, step on the court of basketball, and become a pro player of the game. For specific prizes and cards, promote your basketball training and compete in events and tournaments. Real-world players, amazing Graphics, great…

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3pt Contest: Basketball Games is a free 3D Sports game developed by Webelinx Games. Become the legend of the most exciting and thrilling 3-pointer competition Mobile basketball game. With intuitive controls, score as many points as you can in 60 seconds, just tap and grip on the screen and then raise your finger at the right time. Select your character by observing his gaming Accuracy and Speed for winning. Compete in Leagues, Tournaments, and Worldwide Basketball Championships and jump to…

Basketball Stars: Multiplayer is a Real-time Online 3D Sports game developed by Miniclip.com. Grab the ball and compete against other basketball players around the world. Show off your skills and tricks to make fun of your opponent, stay in front of the attacker, get the ball, and take the time to jump to block the shot. Enjoy realistic 3D Graphics, amazing Gameplay, and a great dream environment to play in. Play in multiple game modes, more than 400 customization options,…

Basketball Battle is a 2D Sports game for free developed by DoubleTap Software. Experience thrilling basketball matches, go from one side of the court to the other on the screen, shuffle your player, slam dunk, fake on the side, and block the ball like crazy all this with only 2 buttons. If your player is too tired during the match then you have to move a little bit to build up the player’s energy. When they run out of water,…

Basketball Arena: Online Game is a free 1v1 Online Sports game developed by Masomo Gaming. Explore a new means to challenge real players around the world. Use Superpowers, Slam Dunk, get 3-Point Shots, and Dash the ball to your challenger in head-to-head matches and steal. Challenge your friend in special matches and tournaments, and for you, there is a party room to get valuable rewards and become no. 1 in basketball. Every point you score brings you closer to filling…

Fanatical Basketball is a free 3D Sports game developed by CanaryDroid. Experience the most thrilling, impressive, and realistic basketball game with your friends. Players gain control of the entire basketball team by shooting, passing, and rebounding. Enter the court, dribble, hit, perform a spectacular sting, and pass the ball to the basket. Build your team, manage them, and go in 5-on-5 action. The game become attractive and easy with intuitive controls and multiple features. Play with amazing crazy fluid animations…

Street Basketball Association is a free Real-time Online Sports game developed by ShakaChen. Control easily your player’s movements with just a single click. In this game, you can create your players and make a team, choose different Modes you want like 2v2 or 3v3, Edit your kit, Choose Courts, and more. It is a fun basketball game and has Intuitive Controls, Fantastic Graphics, and Easy Gameplay for you. Take part in Leagues, Tournaments, Quick Games, 3-Pointer Contests, and Training Modes,…

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a Free Online Multiplayer Sports game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Experience the real-time 3v3 tournament game and build your super basketball team. Compete in multiple modes and tournaments to unlock exclusive rewards and arenas. In every mode, break the ankles of enemies with your strategic playing. Don’t give the chance of your rival to put the ball in the basket, just run then at the right time pass the ball to your team member and…

Dude Perfect 2 is a free Action and Sports game developed by Miniclip.com. Experience a wonderful and fun game that lets you more than one kind of ball, travels a long distance, and allows you to break glasses and other obstacles. Multiple levels and modes, Great Graphics, a Lot of Content, Stunning Artwork, Funny Animations, the best Sound, Easy Gameplay, and Intuitive Controls are waiting for you. 6 funny characters Tyler, Garrett, Coby, Cody, Cory, and Panda are available for…

Swipe Basketball 2 is a free 3D Online Multiplayer Sports game developed by UPLAY Online. Build your team and be ready to play against your rivals and become the best on the rank board. Multiple Modes, more than 75 Challenging Levels, Gifts, and Amazing Surprises are waiting for you. Just grab the ball, block, pass, and run to the basket to shoot the ball. Play in 5 different Arenas with different players of your choice but must be unlocked. It…


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