12 Apps Like Starstruck Vagabond

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Starstruck Vagabond is an adventure simulation game. It is a story-rich game that drives you through a space. The game revolves around a role of transporting cargo around the galaxy. You need to maintain your spaceship and navigate around the space properly. For a relaxing impression, the gameplay illustrates a story full of narratives about space and galaxies.

The game depicts the story of a space traveler who works to travel long distances and transport cargo across galaxies. Your journey starts with preparing for the flight. There are various things that you need to make sure your inventory is done, and you need to check your fuel.

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After you take off, you need to navigate using a star map. For efficient fuel consumption, you must pick a perfect journey path. After you travel to your destination, you can unload the goods and sell them. After completion of your flight, you get a bonus exp and money. This money is useable in maintaining and upgrading your ship.

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Furthermore, as you fly, you can communicate with your flight crew and develop proper relations with them. It includes conversation with them and interacting with them between your flights. See the list below of more games like Starstruck Vagabond.


  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Space exploration
  • Causal simulation
  • Simple mechanics

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