8 Apps Like Stardew Valley

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Released back in 2016, Stardew Valley provides you with a blend of Role-playing and Simulation gameplay containing both single and multiplayer components. Controlling a character, who recently got a farm from his deceased grandfather in a place known as Stardew Valley, tries to take on the farm and restore it to its former condition. The game features an open-ended world, letting you participate in several activities.

Stardew Valley is a Sandbox Farming Simulation developed by Concerned Ape and published by Chuckiefish. It offers similar gameplay to the game Harvest Moon. In this game, the player can take on the role of a protagonist who can get away from the hustle of his office job to take care of his grandfather’s farm.

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The ultimate objective of the game manage his daily tasks such as clearing his land, growing crops, taking care of his animals, crafting goods, and engage himself in other social activities. It has various levels, and each level of the game offers more challenging and enjoyable gameplay than the last one. Stardew Valley is the best Farming game to play and enjoy.


  • Farming 
  • Grow Crops
  • Harvesting 
  • Build Your Farm 
  • Trading
  • 3D Graphics
  • Become a Farmer

Why Similar Games to Stardew Valley?

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Since the start of your gaming career, how many games have you played yet? For sure, your answer will be in thousands; therefore, no one can longer stay playing a single game. We figured this would be a great time to compile a list of the Best Games Like Stardew Valley for those players who love playing farming games with RPG and Simulation game aspects.

Similar Games to Stardew Valley


8 Alternatives Listed
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Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure and simulation game that enables players to experience the Disney world full of magic and happiness. Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to discover various stories and help them to build their neighborhoods. Disney Dreamlight Valley contains all the Disney and Pixar superheroes and villains. The player has to discover all the stories to bring back all the magic to Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is available on various famous platforms like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo,…

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Graveyard Keeper is a game developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild. It's a simulation role-playing game that many people find interesting. In this game, you play as a graveyard keeper, and your job is to manage a cemetery in a medieval setting. Players can gather wood, stone, and metal materials in this game. The aim is to use these resources to construct and enhance different buildings in the graveyard. In this game, players can explore the interesting…


Roots of Pacha is a free sandbox, building, and simulation video game developed by Soda Den. In this game, the player has to contribute to the growth of the village and discover domesticated crops, and ideas, and befriend animals. The game is set in the stone age and the player has to survive in that fertile land. It is an open-world game so the player can freely explore the game world. While playing the game, the player can find the…

Have you ever dream of playing Games Like Stardew Valley with a bit different components? Of course, everyone loves to have something new to experience while trying Stardew alternatives; therefore, we added Dwarf Fortress for you to experience, which brings a single-player component along with a perfect mix of Construction and Management, Rogue-like, and Simulation. The text-based adventure awaits you in an open-ended world where you aren't supposed to complete any objective. Features NPCs Farming Rogue-like Simulation Objectives Building Similar…

It is the first release in the long-running series of Rune Factory, bringing fabulous gameplay by mixing the components of RPG and Simulation. Somehow, the gameplay is much similar to Harvest Moon, Season of Story, and Stardew Valley. Like the said titles, the game grants a little stamina to the player to complete a set of ultimate power tasks. HP is the primary currency of the game required to unlock premium stuff and complete tasks. Stardew Valley alternatives are listed…

It gets introduced to the world on 15 Jan 2019 and marketed as a blend of ARPG and Simulation games that features only Single-player mode. Players have appreciated a mix of Simulation and RPG, setting far away from the reality where civilization has been completely smashed. Humanity has emerged from the underground world to start rebuilding their lives. The ultimate goal isn't to expand the city, but to become the world's best builder. Features Farming Single-player NPCs Quests Building Similar…

Two years before the release of Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons had released with the same elements, including the Farming and Role-playing game aspects. Only a Single-player feature is implanted to give you a solo gameplay experience. The game introduces the storyline, and the gameplay is the same as the rest of the series has, in which you control a farmer to play. Both genders are there, and you can choose between two difficulties at the start. Once opted, you…

Harvest Moon is offering similar gameplay to Stardew Valley and comes with lots of new aspects. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Stardew Valley is identical to SV because the said game comes first. The game's premise is a mix of RPG and Farming Game Simulation, introducing only a Single-player component. It was the first release in the long-running and unforgettable series of Harvest Moon. You recently inherited a farm from your grandpa intending to maintain it properly. The…


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