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SpyTM is a platform providing online Receive SMS service in a reliable and secure way. It helps in improving online communication needs and enhances privacy & security. They offer multiple straightforward solutions for receiving SMS messages online.

If someone is running a large business, but the owner does not want to share personal information, then this web tool helps them to receive business SMS messages without any risk of personal information leakage. They offer multiple virtual numbers of various countries on their website. These virtual numbers are disposable and help in receiving OTPs. 

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People can create multiple fake accounts by using disposable virtual numbers. They also offer numerous text analysis tools like case converters, reverse text generators, online text editors, small text generators, word combiners, image-to-text converters, etc. It also enables people with multiple password management tools to enhance their security, which includes a WordPress password generator, password strength checker, etc. 

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They offer a wide range of tools, and every device works its best to give proper output to users. They also provide development tools, tags tools, domain tools, image tools, website management tools, online PDF tools, keyword tools, and many more. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our post listing the best alternative to SpyTM.


  • Offers multiple countries’ virtual numbers.
  • Fast SMS messages receiving.
  • Use advanced encryption.
  • User friendly.

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SMS-Man is one of the fastest-growing platforms that offer a temporary phone number to send and receive SMS online. It is a feature-rich platform that works fully automatically. The service allows users to buy up to ten phone numbers for use in more than 358 countries. Compared to other similar platforms, SMS Man looks modern, and all settings are in plain view. You can use your purchased numbers with a range of applications including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and many others.…

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Textverified is a solution service provider, which helps the user to verify his SMS as well as calls, and other verifications with no time. The API system along with the support team of this platform made the process convenient and even approachable for multiple people. Right after the registration process, the user can enjoy the services, and he will receive a verification code from the website and app to verify his account. Textverified can also let the customer avail numerous…



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