10 Social Solutions ETO Alternatives

Social Solutions ETO is the top cloud software vendor for government and non-profit social service organizations. Social Solutions ETO is the top cloud software vendor for government and non-profit social service organizations. It is a cloud-based case management tool that aids in the administration of data, the sharing of information, and the tracking of work progress.

It is designed for major NGOs, government agencies, and community collaboratives in the child services, health, human services, foundations, victim services, and workforce sectors, and it gives tools to track operations, interact easily, and affect organizational growth. Service planning, form creation, outcome measurement and management, workflows, approvals, alerts, and system integration are all features of Social Solutions ETO.


  • Administrative Reporting
  • Alerts / Escalation
  • Appointment Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Client Chart Audit Tools

Similar to Social Solutions ETO


1. CharityTracker

CharityTracker is an online program that unites philanthropic groups in a community, allowing them to interact and track client information in real-time. It is a cloud-based collaboration program that is HIPAA-compliant. A common client case database, result monitoring, and reporting, post bulletins, and referrals are among the features. The system includes a web application for shared case management, which collects and reports statistical data for resource development, strategic planning, result measurement, duplication reduction, and disaster relief. The main advantage of…

2. Casebook

Casebook is a human and social services platform that provides you with several casebooks to use. Case management software allows you to communicate with customers in a more personal way; it's more than just keeping track of records. The app-based solution has extensive integration support, ensuring a consistent user experience and data security independent of internet access. The foster and adoption component of the program assists you by providing support for essential activities such as recruiting fosters, assessing and tracking…

3. Penelope

Penelope is a cloud-based case management software platform that may be customized for human service businesses that offer a range of services in numerous locations. They offer Add. me self-intake online form and bulk upload tool, as well as ClientConnect, a mobile client portal that allows customers to complete documents, arrange appointments, make payments, and more, all from their mobile device. Everything is in one place, including outcomes and treatment history, service plans, notes, smart forms, notifications, workflows, signature capture,…

4. FAMCare

FAMCare is a case management application for social workers that automates casework. Every day, caseworkers have a checklist of responsibilities to complete, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks! It is possible to install the program on-premises or have it hosted in the cloud. Case alerts, dynamic calendars, workflow processors, knowledge base, and case notes management are just a few of the features available in FAMCare, which can be tailored to match the needs of small, mid-size, and big…

5. PlanStreets

PlanStreets is a platform that uses secure case management software to make an impact. This is one of the best software which includes everything you need to manage and increase your performance, regardless of the size of your company. Our case management software is designed specifically for social, healthcare, and human services, and it offers the versatility to fulfill your customer’s requirements while also empowering your agency. Automate your client engagement, cases, forms, and files by switching to PlanStreets. PlanStreets is…


The world's most collaborative case management system is ECINS (Empowering Communities with Integrated Network Systems). It is a purpose-built, cloud-based, and highly secure system that is utilized throughout the world to better the lives of vulnerable individuals and empower those who work in human services. The ECINS team is made up of real-world specialists who have spent decades working in the social sector. You can anticipate quick implementation, active training, and 24/7 help desk assistance as a result of their…

7. ParishSOFT

ParishSOFT is a church administration software that allows parishes and dioceses to centralize activities such as religious instruction, event planning, fundraising, pledges, and more. Parish administrators can use the family and member database to register parishioners for formation programs, build volunteer lists, update contact information, and monitor gift history. Employees may track invoices, deposits, journal entries, restricted money, and budgets for individual departments, projects, and committees using ParishSOFT's accounting module. A built-in master calendar is included in the facility scheduling…

8. CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy is a scalable case management software supplier in the United States that supports community-led services provided by nonprofit groups, government agencies, and public administrations. CaseWorthy's outcomes-focused, the organization-wide platform automates and simplifies data management and funder compliance procedures, promising a flexible, extensively adaptable solution to accommodate different deployment needs. Using the codeless app builder development tool, organizations may alter important sections of the solution, such as workflows, forms, role-based access, data dashboards, service eligibility criteria, searchable searches, and more.…

9. Sumac

Sumac is a donor management system that was created to help nonprofit organizations manage their day-to-day operations. The programme makes it easier for businesses to automate their workflow and tailor their management capabilities by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. The platform also gathers all critical features that allow businesses to create a consolidated database, excel at leading processes, and manage all work in the appropriate direction. Sumac is one of the top Signup Genius alternatives, and it provides all of the same…

10. Neon CCM

Neon CCM (previously known as CiviCore) assists human, victim, and child service organizations with client and case management activities on a daily basis. Admin duties such as data input may be streamlined, and client's data and information can be accessed from a single centralized platform. A built-in activity monitoring tool assists users in keeping track of attendance for activities, and case notes allow users to record contacts with customers in order to offer excellent customer care. Surveys and assessments can…

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