7 Sites Like Sketchfab

Sketchfab is the 3D platform for sharing, buying, and selling 3D products. Its primary focus is on VR, AR, and 3D content. It provides the latest technology that allows users to display 3D models. Sketchfab has served people worldwide for more than 10 years in English.

Six million users are using this website for models of the gaming world. Sketchfab is now considered the most potent editor software worldwide for high-quality content. This website offers some short guideline videos about how to operate this website. Leading brands now trust this website.


  • Works with the operating system
  • Interactive
  • Configurable
  • Provides site maps
  • 3D advertising

Sketchfab Alternatives


1. VRC Mods

VRC Mods is an independent custom website that contains a large amount of VR chats and unity models. This website lets people search and preview avatars according to their interests. VRC Mods models on an international website attract and amaze people with their high-quality avatars. In addition to more about this website, it allows people to create and build their avatars just by getting registered with them. VRC Mods does not require getting sign-up, and users can preview their content…

2. CadNav

CadNav is an independent site that provides 3D models for computer graphic designing. This website offers human models, furniture models, and so many others. Users can download these models with a single click just for free. In addition to CadNav, it supports all file formats so that users can download content quickly. It offers v ray models, and often tools like software and extensions for easily accessible. CadNav also provides all types of models according to users' demands. In addition…

3. Turbo Squid

Turbo Squid is a digital company that provides 3D models and graphics trusted by millions of people. This website lets its users preview designs and models for their projects and advertisement. Turbo Squid often allows its users to sell their high-quality 3d models and earn money. Many leading brands trust this website due to its highest average selling score. Now, creating ads with 3D models has become accessible due to this website. Turbo Squid offers to check made certification, which…

4. Hum3D

Hum3D is the biggest online market that creates and sells 3D models. Companies and movies use these models to develop advertising purposes. This website has been serving people worldwide since 2005, led by artists. Hum3D can develop models of cars according to customers' demands. In addition, this site can create customized content on gaming models and digital images. Hum3D supports different files format and offers enterprise solutions. This website lets users know how they create models with just a simple…

5. Open 3D Models

Open3dModel is a free library where users can download 3D models and assets. This website also provides blender, max, and obj models in 3D form. Open3dModel offers users to advertise their 3D models with the help of collaboration with them. This website shows collections of models up to 130.000+. Users can save these models in different files models according to their needs. Furthermore, about Open3dModel offers high-quality interior scenes like furniture, phones, etc. People can search options for exterior locations…

6. VRModels.Store

VRModels.Store is an online 3D marketplace that provides models for the gaming world. This website also writes games script for gamers. VRModels.Store also includes furniture, worlds, and 3D objects for its users according to their demands. For more information about this website, it offers particle trails and often designs shades. VRModels.Store provides shader and updates people about upcoming new avatars for games. It includes content in 9 different languages. This website supports a good privacy policy and allows customers to…

7. Ready Player.me

Ready player.me is an online website that offers to design 3D selfies or full body avatars, trusted by millions of people. This site lets you develop or design your avatar in your way. Ready player.me is used by 500+ applications that create and use their avatars. In addition to more about this website, it offers to get registered as a simple user or developer. Ready player.me supports high-quality graphics that attract users and developers to operate this site. There is…