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Ships At Sea is a simulation adventure game. In this game, you can play different roles related to marine. In an open sea, you must explore new opportunities to gather more resources and travel to new places. You must command the ship crew for basic management and operations as a ship captain.

There are three major roles from which you can pick one. First is cargo transport, where you must handle a cargo ship and travel with many goods to various places. Then comes a commercial fisherman, who catches unique fish of different species and forms daily. The third job is of service operator, providing aid and services to other ships that have seen some technical problems in the Sea.

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It is a realistic simulation game about a captain who needs to look up and commend all of their crew simultaneously. You can pick different ships for different purposes. It has a genuine setting inspired by realistic elements. You can get to learn about different people and characters in the game. It has a simplistic element with stylized visuals, making it more immersive. Play more games like Ships At Sea from the list below.


  • Stylized visuals
  • Immersive mechanics
  • Multiple roles
  • Realistic visuals

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