11 SendPulse Alternatives

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SendPulse, a Marketing Channel Automation Platform founded in 2015, enables users to boost their online presence with powerful yet crucial tools. This platform can manage your free lead generation, audience interaction, and customer retention.

It enables you to send insightful material directly to your readers’ inboxes. You can reach potential customers via their mobile phones while they’re on the go. You can connect with your audience in real time via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger chatbots.

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You can comprehensively understand your relationships and workflows, cooperate easily, and attract new clients. You can collect contact information from landing pages, chatbots, and subscription forms. It also allows you to automatically add new contacts to your CRM and manage your existing contact data in lists and Kanban boards.

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You can use your CRM’s contact card to send emails or a chatbot to contact your leads and customers. If you are in search of similar sites, then check out our post covering some of the best sites, like SendPulse.


  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Get Full Visibility
  • Fast-track Communication
  • Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Improve Collaboration

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