7 Schools View Alternatives

Schools View is a powerful resource for accessing professor ratings because this platform comes with an aim for students in the UK, U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. Students can easily rate as well as review schools, principals, teachers, districts, the level of parental involvement, and much more.

After completing registration for an account, the user can select the category he is interested in, so he can check out numerous ratings that are given by others. Schools View also comes with a separate section containing free lesson plans, worksheets, eBooks, and many other educational services. Blogs at this platform even offer a treasure of information on multiple topics related to the history of student life.


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Sites Like Schools View


1. RateYourLecturer.co.uk

Rate Your Lecturer was launched in the UK, which comes with showing feedback as well as 1-10 scale ratings on famous lecturers by a university that is generating an alternative to the system of ranking to that of the measures. This platform bills as the key slogan, by students for students, said that the universities along with the courses must be ranked purely on the ability of the lecturers, as they can educate and inspire the students effectively. The beginning…

2. Student Reviews

Student Reviews comes with an astonishing database based on the reviews, which can cover numerous universities as well as thousands of teachers, as its search tool connects to an advanced network. Any student can instantly search with the multiple aspects, including degree, satisfaction rate, location, school size, tuition amount, and many other resources. Student Reviews also allows the student with professor reviews, school ratings, college finders, careers, internships, High school summer programs, articles related to education, etc. In addition to…

3. Uloop.com

Uloop is an online student-powered platform, through which numerous college students can find jobs, internships along with off-campus housing, roommates, college news wire service (UWIRE), scholarships, journalism training, tutors, travel, furniture, textbooks price comparison, tickets, and much other stuff on campus. It even let the young ones at any school in the US go to rate their desired teacher, which acts as a way to help several others in order to neglect the attachment with an irrelevant professor. Uloop also…

4. AfterClass

AfterClass is an online application, which can help students anywhere in the globe who want to find information as well as connect with others just by minimizing irrelevant stress, so it can enhance the life of a student through the reviews, nexus, marketplace, communities, and much more. As the selection of the best courses along with professors is an initiation for almost every student, and the connection with peers has become a core way for hundreds of thousands of students…

5. Koofers

Koofers is an online consumer-based internet platform, which aims to help every college student in succeeding just by giving them free access to professor ratings, practice exams, flashcards, and much more to explore. Its campus recruiter is also an enterprise service solution, which is allowing employers along with the recruiting firms to find as well as connect with hundreds of thousands of college students, who are presently looking for opportunities based on internships and full-time jobs. The platform contains advanced…

6. Rate My Professor

Rate My Professors is an online site, which can allow any college student to give anonymous ratings about their professors that are based on a scale having five points, along with writing several reviews for getting more detail from the reviewer. Those professors then get an entire score of quality as well as difficulty, which is completely based on the average ratings. The user can even search any of the professors by his name and school so that he is…

7. Rate My Teachers

Rate My Teachers (RMT) is a marketplace, which comes with providing the student with an anonymous place, where he can easily rate as well as review his teachers.┬áThere is an availability of 1-5 scales based on the categories, such as easiness, helpfulness, knowledge of the material, etc. In addition to that, before changing, it contains a comments section where experience can be written out in more detail. The nature of Rate My Teachers is that its information might be erratic…