Scarlet Tower

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Scarlet Tower is an action, role-playing, combat, and survival video game developed by Pyxeralia LLC. The story is that bizarre monsters terrify people at night. Throughout the game, the player has to fight against the monsters and defeat them. To defeat the monsters, the player has to strengthen his hero by collecting multiple relics.

This game provides the player with more than 70 weapons, which they can use to defeat enemies. It also has multiple hero characters, from which you can choose your favorite. All the heroes available to play have unique talents and 200 passive abilities. The characters available to play have their unique customizable passives.

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Moreover, the game has thousands of unlockable things you can unlock by making progress. It supports endless mode, allowing players to play for over 20 hours. This game supports a day and night cycle, allowing players to play in daylight or at night. Below, we have enlisted some of the best games, like Scarlet Tower.


  • Fight against the monsters
  • Collect multiple relics
  • More than 70 weapons
  • Multiple hero characters
  • Unique customizable passives
  • Thousands of unlockable things
  • Supports endless mode
  • Supports day and night cycle

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